20 Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria 2023 – Earn ₦500k Monthly Profit

20 Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria 2022 – Earn ₦500k Monthly Profit

Searching for some lucrative and high paying work from home jobs in Nigeria to earn at least ₦500k monthly profit? Read this content till the end.

The need for stable income without much stress in Nigeria is pretty alarming to the extend; anyone who fails to secure a stable income source even while at home might suffer great lose in the future.

Take for instance the Corona Virus Pandemic which shook the whole world in 2020.

A research conducted by Pew Research Center (https://pewresearch.org/social-trends/2020/09/24/economic-fallout-from-covid-19-continues-to-hit-lower-income-americans-the-hardest) in September 2020 shows how the Covid-19 affected the U.S citizens and also how many people lost their high paying job due to the pandemic. Too bad, the low income earners come to earn even a more lesser amount even after the pandemic.

The need for securing a high paying digital skill can save you the stress of worrying about any future pandemic that is yet to come. This is why we figured adding value to Nigerians by revealing some high income work from home jobs will be a great idea.

You can find some high paying work from home jobs available for Nigerians on this page. What will marvel you the most is that; some of these skills are familiar to you.

The only problem is that you are yet to discover the potentials in them to make you nothing below ₦500k monthly in Nigeria.

This is another reason why information is wealth.

A man with the right information can make anything possible with just a few touches.

For sake of easy access and consumption of this content, let’s move straight to some of the high paying work from home jobs available for Nigerians to make money in 2022.

Top 20 High Paying Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria 2022

  1. Go Blogging

Blogging is one lucrative sit at home job opportunity for Nigerians to make money online without much stress. Over 95% of bloggers in Nigeria are sit at home workers and they are banking from $200 and above monthly after consistent work on their blog.

Personally, I know some bloggers working from home who earns nothing below $1,500 monthly from their site.

That is even small compared to what other bosses make from their blog weekly. I would have mentioned a few but just being cautious to secure their privacies.

Personally, I’ve build sites and set up money making sites for self and other client doing ₦400k and above monthly.

At least, it is something to be proud of being a blogger.

The most interesting thing about going into part – time or full time blogging is that;

  • You are your own boss
  • You work on your own terms
  • You decide how much to make monthly from your blog after consistent work over a period of time.

We can guide you into making some cool daily profit from blogging. In fact, you are just a step behind. Just reach on to us via nairaside24@gmail.com

  1. Creating Digital Content (Text & Videos)

Content creation is another lucrative work from home job opportunity anyone can start today and make profit worth thousands daily. Sure it might sound unrealistic to some low minded individual.

Some might be like; “how is it possible to start making money from content creation in just a week”.

As mentioned earlier on this page; “Information is wealth” and whoever possess the right information, possesses his success at hand.

Let me break it down a little.

  • Are you aware so many websites in Nigeria pays content contributors to share their stories on their blogs?
  • Are you aware of how many freelance writers are been hired every minutes on freelancing platforms in Nigeria and nationwide?

You just might want to make research on that.

As a content creator in Nigeria, there are divers methods through which you can use to monetize your skill.

Though, being a content creator is not about having knowledge on Microsoft word usage or maybe; fast typing skill.

It has to do with lots more than that.

A digital content creator need to possess the ability to understand the thought of his audience at all time by knowing what they need and also; he must know how to deliver insightful or a problem solving content in relation to what they need.

Not just that.

A content creator must be skilled and also an in-depth thinker.

Anyone can possess these skills. Though, it’s neither a rocket science nor magic.

It takes time to manifest. You can make research on how to become a content writer in Nigeria.

  1. Offer Graphic Design Service

Graphic Design is yet another cool money making work at home jobs to be considered. Offering graphic design service in Nigeria will earn you nothing below $500 monthly/weekly from home as a professional.

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Think stats aren’t correct?

You can take for instance how high graphic design gigs on Fiverr are being priced. Some graphic design gigs are being charged as high as $200 per project.

Let’s say you charge that high and you end up with 3 – 6 orders monthly.

You should earn nothing below $500 monthly which is really not a small amount to earn in the current economic state of Nigeria.

You can begin your career as a work from home graphic designer in Nigeria by watching some tutorials on YouTube and also, taking for Graphic design courses on Udemy.

  1. Open a Drop Shipping Platform

Drop Shipping is no doubt a lucrative money making opportunity for Nigerians to make money even without capital. Though, a little investment would be necessary for start. Let me give you an insight on what drop shipping is all about.

Drop Shipping Business is an ecommerce (selling) system of business whereby a digital store doesn’t buy nor keep stock/items physically in their store. , an order can be made for a product

  1. Earn from Home as a Jumia Merchant

As a Jumia merchant, you can make so much money directly from home just by selling few items on Jumia. Get it right.

The need for an offline store is not necessary for this business and you can leverage free traffic from Jumia to bank at least 500k monthly.

Sure, it won’t be necessary educating you about what Jumia is or what they do. I believe everyone knows Jumia as the biggest online shopping site in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

As a Jumia merchant, you can earn money from Jumia after undergoing free Jumia training and setting up your account. All you need to do is;

  • Source for items
  • keep at home
  • Upload pictures on your merchant account on Jumia
  • Make money with free Jumia traffic

You don’t need to begin promoting your merchant account on Jumia before you can begin making a sale.

Over a thousand orders are been made on Jumia daily from all over Nigeria. No doubt, you will make extra money from home doing business with Jumia Nigeria as a merchant.

  1. Promote Konga Affiliate Products

Konga is yet another leading online shopping site in Nigeria. You can follow similar step as mentioned above on Jumia Merchant to make money on Konga.

Another cool make money online opportunity for Nigerians to make money from home on Konga is through, Konga Affiliate Program.

Konga Affiliate is offer made by Konga.com to pay smart workers promoting their product using an affiliate link. These smart workers earn certain commission for every successful sale made through their affiliate link.

The fun this is that, you can make a lot of money promoting these products from home with the use of internet.

To begin, you will only be required to sign up for an account on Konga.com and then, apply for an affiliate account from your dashboard.

  1. Write and Publish Books on Amazon KDP

This is a very lucrative work at home online money making opportunities for content creators. In fact, even a single mom in Nigeria can make money from Amazon KDP.

Amazon is one of the top leading shopping sites recognized globally. On Amazon.com, you should be able to purchase a lot of products ranging from mobile/PC, sound system/television, solar/tech gadget, home/kitchen items.

Just name it.

Amazon Kindle Publishing on the other hand is more like a mini platform hosted on Amazon to support content creators make money online from home.

On Amazon kindle, you can find digital books published by over a thousand authors.

Every day, over a thousand purchases are made on Amazon KDP platform.

This should tell you how much money you can earn from home writing and publishing books on Amazon KDP.

The most interesting fact is that, it is an evergreen platform to sell your skill/work because your work will be selling till infinity.

Hundreds of books published in 2011 and older are still selling daily on Amazon so why not give it a try.

I have this beginner friendly advanced course which will teach you how to make money from home publishing books on Amazon KDP. You really don’t need to be a writer to make money on KDP. This course will show you how to bank at least $500 monthly from Amazon while working from your room.

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Get the course and take action.

Sure, you will come back to appreciate us for opening your eye to see this work at home business paying millions monthly to Nigerians and world at large.

  1. Review softwares and Get Paid on Capterra

A lot of you might not have known about Capterra before now. Well, you sure will be guided as we further.

Capterra is a software review platform which pays people (individual) for every product they have used and drop a feedback on their platform. The aim of Capterra is to help millions of individuals find products they need for their personal or business purposes. It also helps these product developers identify bugs and fixed or upgrade needed to be done.

This platform pays individuals at most $10 per product review which is approved. On the platform, you can find products to review such as Google Docs, MailChimp, Get Response, WordPress, Microsoft Word/Excel/Access and thousands of others.

Personally, I earn $150 reviewing products on Capterra within a time frame of two (2) weeks in 2018. The amount is small but surely, it will be more than enough to give you capital for starting a side hustle business that will yield you more money in Nigeria.

To for starters, you can head over to their website to sign up your account.

And please,

Make sure you are signing up with your LinkedIn profile and not just as it will give you a mega head-start in review approvals.

  1. Offer Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a nutshell means get seen on search engines. I am certainly not referring to mechanical engines here.

I am talking about search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

This is mostly related to blogs, websites and product pages to be precise.

Offering search engine optimization (SEO) service has to do with helping business owners get seen on Google for their preferred or targeted keywords. An average SEO expert in Nigeria earns an average of ₦50,000.00 per project depending on client and task (it might be low or higher.

SEO skill in Nigeria is indeed a lucrative one and just can’t think of any SEO professional who will say he is starving for money.

There are thousands of sites in Nigeria and millions all over the world that are ready to pay you to fix one or two on their site provided you know what you are doing and you have work evidence to back-up your claims.

This is a 100% work at home job opportunities for Nigerians. You might want to make research and study more on this.

  1. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Influencers in Nigeria makes so much money. Is really upside down when millions are wasting their data subscription liking, commenting and sharing posts while few people are making millions monthly creating those contents that are being;

  • Liked
  • Commented on and,
  • Shared

This common saying in pidgin “Life no Balance” is right but personally, I will revert or respond “Na you never find the right Edge”.

Under standing on things works can really save you from a lot. I mean more than what you could possibly imagine.

Social media influencers in Nigeria are bags of making money from their social media accounts through paid adverts worth ₦50k per post or even more. Some promote personal products while they go with 100% profit.

You too can begin your journey as an influencer. It takes time to grow a large audience.

But believe me.

If one person can achieve it – anyone can.

In fact, you too can.

You can start by setting up your social media account Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok (these are the better places to promote yourself in 2022)

  1. Make Money Developing Sites

Another way of making money online from home is through website development. In a nutshell, web development is all about building websites for self, individuals and/or businesses.

Web developers in Nigeria make a lot of money from home and you too can.

Just as mentioned earlier; “what one can achieve – others too can achieve”. As web designer, you are open to work remotely from home to millions of clients home (Nigeria) and abroad (international). It is no lie a lucrative way to earn so much money in Nigeria as lots of offline and small businesses are moving their business online.

As a beginner developer, you can reach to small business owners with a proposal pitch. Make them understand how they (Small Business Owners) can make money with Google through their businesses.

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If they are sure interested, they will pay you to create a website for them.

Other advanced methods of making money in Nigeria as a web developer is to setup a web development Gig on top freelancing marketplace.

You sure should start getting orders continuously after getting your first order. This takes time so don’t give up.

I wish I could tell you it’s easy to become freelancer web developer – but it’s not. You just have to keep pushing gradually till you begin making at least ₦500k monthly.

  1. Manage Celebrity Accounts

Managing celebrity pages work from jobs in Nigeria is a high paying opportunity to make money even while on you lay on your bed. Personally, I know someone K*lling it as a page manager and being a PR to some celebs in Nigeria.

The job is really paying.

Even at that. It is not easy to secure a client since the market is saturated in recent times.

But there is always a way around.

I am talking about having plugs from the corridors of power.

With Plugs (connection & exposure), you should secure high paying clients that will be paying your good amount of money monthly just for you to use your mobile phones.

  1. Start Upwork Freelancing Business

If you are a fan of this blog, you should notice is create contents in relation to Upwork more often than others. Is it because it is the most lucrative platform to make money from home in Nigeria?


Am not sure but we’ll get to find out.

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where freelance job opportunities are been uploaded for freelancers to send in their proposals. It is a cool way to make money in Nigeria if you understand how the system works.

For starters; it is important you have a digital skill that is in demand in the market to succeed as an Upwork lancer.

This is why we have this guide on high paying digital & offline skills to learn in Nigeria 2022. It is a piece that will help change your life for the better. Consume an take actions.

  1. Join CPA Marketing Platform

CPA means Cost Per Action. It is a marketing system whereby members make money from wherever they are just to perform actions on a parent platform. It might be to like a Facebook page, share a certain post on WhatsApp, watch YouTube videos or just anything.

These platforms are being sponsored by advertisers to promote to task on their website.

As a student or a stay at home mom, you can make money with CPA marketing in Nigeria easily. It does not require any special skill to start.

All that will be required is that; you have an enabled data subscription package and the readiness to work and get paid.

You can begin your journey as a CPA Marketer in Nigeria on NairaWorkers.com

  1. Join Expernaire

ExpertNaire is an indigenous affiliate marketing website in Nigeria. They claim to be the best and hot selling at the moment.

I would have denied that,

But stats don’t lie.

I’ve seen how their affiliates are crushing credit alerts just by promoting expertnaire affiliate product using affiliate marketing skills.

Even as this business is a hot cake in the Nigerian digital marketing sector, the C.E.O Toyin Omotoso made it a premium site which means members are to pay an annual fee to maintain being a promoter on the site.

It is a little stipend though;

Since it is compared to what you will make after signing up and upgrading your account. It only cost ₦10,000.00

For starters, you are to visit their official site www.ExpertNaire.com to signup for an account.

NOTE: we are not endorsing this platform in any form on this page.

  1. Earn Money with Google Admob
  2. Become a virtual assistant
  3. Create and Sell courses on Udemy
  4. Join SabiMentors Affiliate
  5. Search for remote jobs offered by top companies


Hey there, you just made it to the conclusion on our article where we shared not just top 10 or top 15 ways to make money from home in Nigeria. What we have here is top 20 high paying work from home jobs in Nigeria for students, mom and dad.

Anyone can focus on selected few mentioned on this page, become a professional and make money from home performing/offering these service/jobs to clients. We have nothing more to say either than wishing you success as you choose from list of available work from home business ideas we have on this page. To your success.

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