Top 10 Best Amala Joints in Abuja for Hangout

Top 10 Best Amala Joints in Abuja for Hangout: On this page, you will discover an updated list of top rated and best Amala Joints in Abuja the capital of the Federal Capital Territory.

Hello there, searching for some cool restaurants within Abuja where you can get confirmed and well dished Amala food? You are just on the right page as we do have a comprehensive list of top 5 star restaurants in Abuja where you can get served quality Amala food.

Amala food is a Yoruba local dish selling across all locations in Nigeria. However, consuming this meal from a good and professional cooks in any recognized restaurant will sure give you a better experience. This is because, not all restaurant knows how to prepare this “Swallow” with aligning soups for better consumption experience.

This is one of the reasons why we have this guide published on this page. To help you locate the nearest Amala joints near you provided you are residing within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Our location picks of Amala joints in Abuja are selected from restaurants across Wuse, Gwarimpa, Mabushi, Lugbe, Kubwa, Asokoro, and Central Business District etc.

See below for the selected and most complete lists of Alala joints in Abuja which we have for you.

List of Top Best Amala Joints in Abuja

Iya Oyo Amala Spot, Wuse

On the first place we have Iya Oyo Amala Spot as the best Amala joint restaurant which can be found in Abuja. In this restaurant, you are assured of getting the best when it comes to getting a well dished and healthy Amala diet with quality soup.

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Iya Oyo Amala Spot has over a hundred reviews on Google My Business Map and leading as one of the best 5 start restaurant to get Amala and good soup in Wuse. The restaurant can be located in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja.

Ojuelegba Amalapoint, Gwarimpa

Ojuelegba Amalapoint takes the second place as one of the best and leading restaurant in Abuja where you can get Amala food. With over 200 positive reviews on Google Map, Ojuelegba tend to be the biggest spot to get Amala in Abuja.

The restaurant is located in Gwarimpa axis of the state and also tagged 5 stars on most platforms as the best place to buy Amala in FCT.

Amala Place, Mabushi

Another great restaurant in Abuja where you can eat Amala is Amala Place. Amala place is a dedicated restaurant for most Yoruba local dishes as well as other simple general meal center. However, most people who visit this restaurant in Mabushi tend to option for Amala and Ewedu soup.

Amala Place is grown to become one of the top sellers when it comes to dishing out including offering home delivery service of Amala from all regions in Abuja. Amala Place restaurant can be located at 67 Cadastra Zone, Mabushi, Abuja.

Amala Joint, Utako

Just like the above mentioned Amala Place, Amala joint is yet another leading and top best Amala spot you can find within Abuja. At Amala Joint, Utako, they are known for being one of the best hands when it comes to making decorated Amala which you sure will love even without having to take a bite.

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You can locate this 5 star restaurant at T.O.S Benson Cresent, CBN Quarters, Utako Abuja.

Omoneye Amala Joint

Omoneye Amala Joint restaurant is known for quality Amala recipes and dishes. It is being patronized by lots of people residing around the business location. According to our estimation, Omoneye Amala Joint is being patronized by over 500 people on daily basis which should tell you how good their Amala recipes are.

The sell better Amala served with correct “Ewedu” or “Gbegiri Soup”. You can locate this restaurant at

Oluwaoseyi Amala Joint

Oluwaoseyi Amala Spot is yet another leading restaurant where you can get served Amala in Abuja. It is a unique African restaurant where you can find variety of African recipes ready to be served.

You can locate Oluwaoseyi Amala Joint at Kubwa town in Abuja metropolis.

Amala Coded Restaurant

Amala Coded is a very nice spot where you can get fresh and hot Amala recipe served with your most preferred soup. However, Amala often goes well with local Yoruba cultural Ewedu soup.

You can locate Amala Coded Restaurant in their business location which can be accessed at Central Business District.

Stodiez Garden Amala Spot, Garki

Stodiez Garded is yet another spot and a cool relaxation joint where you can find Amala recipes. This garden is known for being one of the best restaurant to get local Nigerian dishes such as Pounded Yam, Ona (Fufu), Garri, Amala, with confirm Vegetable, Eguisi, Ewedu, Groundnut soup and others.

You are assured of having the best experience in this garden. You can located them at Garki Axist of Abuja township.

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Amala 360, Kubwa

Amala 360 is the leading Amala joint in Kubwa, Abuja. They are known for having one of the best Amala meals within Abuja metropolis. They have over 4.0 rating on Google map with over 50 reviews.

Amala 360, Kubwa also offers home delivery service which means you can contact them via their phone lines to order for Amala and your most preferred soup and get it delivered within minutes. You can locate Amala 360 at Kubwa town in Abuja.

Amala Connect, Gwarimpa

Last but not the least, we have Amala Connect. Amla connect is one of the best Amala joint in Gwarimpa, Abuja, FCT. They are known as the second best Amala restaurant siding Ojuelegba Amalapoint, Gwarimpa.

This restaurant has a 5 star rating on Google maps and with cool environment to sit and enjoy quality Amala with different choices of soup. You can locate Amala connect at Gwarimpa.

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