Polytechnics to Study without JAMB in Nigeria 2023

Polytechnics to Study without JAMB in Nigeria 2022.

On this page, you shall discover some of the top best Nigerian polytechnics that offer student admission to study even without the student having to pass through the examination conducted by the Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB). Sure, you shall discover some of the best polytechnics to study without jamb in Nigeria.

It could be so frustrating and/or annoying if you wrote the exams conducted by JAMB yet could not meet up with your institutional score requirements. A lot of Nigerian student goes into depression at times like this. There are even some reports in the past of tremendous decision taken by some students who failed JAMB. Some notable ones is a young lady who got depressed to the extent of taking-in sniper.

Well, we are happy to let you know that there are still chances you will study this year even though you failed JAMB or Post UTME examination conducted by your school. This simply means that, you won’t have to spend that long waiting for JAMB to commence another examination registration which usually takes up to a year or so.

This content idea came when we realize from our sources (web search and student community post on Facebook) that students are searching for higher educational learning institutes in Nigeria that have little to zero requirements for JAMB before giving/granting admission to prospective students.

Why is Study without JAMB Important?

The importance of studying in Nigeria without JAMB is beyond measurement. This is because there are so many reasons which may be due to;

  • Finance: not being able to afford JAMB registration form when the application portal is open.
  • Inability to meet up to JAMB Cut off Mark: it might as well happen because, you wrote the JAMB examination however, you fail to reach the minimum cut of mark for JAMB.
  • Institutional Cut off Mark is high: This is one the major reasons why you will need to consider having to study without having to pass through JAMB exams. A lot of people who wrote JAMB usually pass JAMB cut off mark yet fail to meet up to their institutional-department cut off mark.
  • UTME Score is Low: Writing JAMB also requires that you write UTME aptitude examination conducted by your school to validate your capability. A lot of Nigerian students fail this test.
  • Need Direct Entry: This is yet another top choice as a lot of Nigerian students have a great dislike for JAMB exam procedures so they prefer to apply for direct entry instead of passing the long JAMB processes.
  • Fasten Admission Process: Applying directly by purchasing school registration form is faster to be processed compared to students who applied through JAMB regularization.

From above, you must have learn some of the top reasons why getting admission or studying without JAMB in Nigeria is a winning option. However, there are more to this but due to fact that I love keeping information concise for easy navigation and findings, I won’t go any deeper.

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Beside, we are here to learn some of the top best polytechnics in Nigeria that gives admission to student without students having to write JAMB examination; hence, study without JAMB.

There are quiet some options to study in Nigeria without having to write JAMB. I will share some of these options with you (based on my opinion). It sure would be resourceful and filled with great information.

Opinion: How to Study without JAMB in Nigeria

Not just that you will be able to study in Nigerian polytechnics alone. Some of this options I will be providing below will open your eye to see and know the top secrets on how to study in any Nigerian University (Federal, State or Private), Polytechnic and/or colleges. In fact, these options are open and have been used by thousands on Nigerians in the past to get admission yet not everyone knows they exist. See some of these options below;

  • IJMB: This is a service approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria and NUC to allow Nigerian students who partake in the interim service to study in selected Nigerian Universities after 2 years.
  • Part Time Studies: This is a study option in universities, Polytechnic & colleges in Nigeria. It allows working-class or general student study without having to go through JAMB. However, there is a minimum admission requirement age of not less than 24.
  • Direct Entry Application: Students who have studied in Nigerian polytechnics and/or colleges can apply for university study to pursue a degree program by going through this application process.
  • Purchasing School Application Form: This is option we are talking about on this page. It allows all students to get admission and study in higher educational institutes within the country. However, not all schools in Nigeria allows this which is why we come up with a content educating students some of the top poly’s in Nigeria one can study without passing through JAMB.

List of Top 10 Best Polytechnics to Study without JAMB in Nigeria

Below you will find some of the top best and leading polytechnics that offer admission without considering whether or not student sat for the examination conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). The most important thing required for admission in this case is if the student purchases the academic registration form.

Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science & Technology (NACEST)

Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science & Technology (NACEST) formally the Nigerian Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies (NAITES) is one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria that offers admission without JAMB requirements in Nigeria.

The institution does not only offer science and technical course alone; they as well offer environmental and administrative courses. The school is located at North Bank region of Benue State, Nigeria.

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Kano State Polytechnic (Kano Poly)

Kano State Polytechnic (Kano Poly) is yet one of the top best polytechnic in the country offering admission to prospective and interesting student without the need or consideration of JAMB. Admission here is dependent and on the basis of whether or not the student purchased the school application form.

How to Apply for Kano State Polytechnics without JAMB

To apply, all that is required is for you to walk into the school premises and head straight to the registrar/admission officers building to purchase the school application form.

Rivers State Polytechnic

Rivers Polytechnic also offers admission without the need for student to purchase JAMB form. Admission here is simple provided you purchase admission form from the school and pass a mini aptitude test conducted by the institution.

How to Apply for Rivers State Polytechnic Admission without JAMB

To apply, student needs to have an SSCE certificate and WAEC/NECO results. After that, applicant is however, required to visit the school premises in order to purchase the application form.

Kogi State Polytechnic

Kogi State Polytechnic is yet another leading institute in the country that provide student admission to study any course in their institute without ever asking for JAMB registration number or any related document.

How to Apply for Kogi State Poly without Writing JAMB

The application process can be done directly on the official school portal at https://kogistatepolytechnic.edu.ng/ or even offline in the school premises. For online application, just visit the official portal and click on Apply Now button on the front page to begin your application process.

Kwara State Polytechnic

Kwara State Polytechnic is another leading higher educational institute in the country Nigeria whereby students can get admission without really applying for JAMB. The school is one of the leading and top polytechnic in the North Central region aside Plateau State Polytechnic.

Students who are interested in getting admission to study in this institute can apply directly from the official school portal online. Other means of application is to walk into the school premises to purchase the hard form in the admission officer’s office.

However, we don’t think its worth going to the school location to get the form most especially if you are not residing close or maybe in Kwara State as a whole. The school portal can be accessed at https://kwarastatepolytechnic.edu.ng

NTA Television College, JOS

NTA Television College, a school of mass communication and journalism located in Jos, Nigeria is another best pick to consider when searching for admission opportunities that does not requires JAMB processes. The school is owned by NTA, a well-known television/television and mass communication broadcasting company in Nigeria.

In the institution, one can study variety of courses such as, video editing, Journalist, Voice overs/pitching etc. In fact, NTA College, Jos is the best mass communication school in Nigeria since their establishment.

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How to Apply for NTA College JOS without Writing JAMB

Students who are interested to apply and get admission without JAMB requirements at NTA college, Jos are required to tab on this link https://ntatvc.edu.ng/forms to begin the application processes.

Imo State Polytechnic

IMSU, a school in the eastern region of the country is yet another top polytechnic that give admission to students without JAMB requirements. All that is required is purchase the academic school form and sit for the aptitude test which is way easier than writing JAMB.

How to Apply for Imo State Polytechnic without JAMB Requirements

To apply for admission for study in Imo State Polytechnic (IMSU), all that is required of you is open the official school portal https://imopoly.edu.ng and click on the apply button at the top of the page.

From there, you will be asked to fill-in your credentials. Do that and generate your payment code for the e-registration. You can also apply directly in the school premises by visiting with some of your older school documents and your form registration fee.

Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri

Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri is the official state polytechnic of Borno State. A state located at the extreme end of the North-Eastern region of the country and which shares border with Chaad.

Borno State Nigeria is a cool place to study and this institution made it even more interesting by bringing in the availability for student to apply for, and get stand a chance of getting admission to study in the polytechnic. Ramat Polytechnic offers variety of courses from Engineering, Management, Technical studies, SLT and the likes.

How to Apply for Oyo State Poly without JAMB Requirements

Students who are interested in getting admission which does not require JAMB interference in this institution are however, required to open the official school portal at https://ramatpoly.edu.ng and follow the application process which can be completed within 10 minutes.

Kaduna State Polytechnic

Kadpoly which is also tagged as the best polytechnic in North-Western part of Nigeria also offers admission to students without any JAMB requirements. However, their requirements are kind of really high due to mass applicants they receive who apply using this method.

How to Apply for Kad Poly without JAMB Requirements

To apply for admission into Kaduna State Polytechnic, all you need to do is tab and open the online registration portal at https://kadpoly.edu.ng/applicants to begin your application process.

Benue State Polytechnic

Benue Poly in the Middle-Belt region of the country also offers admission without JAMb requirements in Nigeria. Students who are interested to apply for study into this institute are however, required to open the official school portal https://benpolyonline.edu.ng and to begin the processes.

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