Top Places to Market yourself as a Writer and Make Money in 2023

Can you write? Do you have confident in that writing skill but still wondering the best place to promote your craft for maximum earning? Or perhaps, you are just interested in knowing how to make money as a writer? Whichever reason you are here – just know that am happy to have you here. On this page, I will be sharing with you how to market yourself as a writer.

This surely, I will say it’s an all in one guide on platforms one can easily display his work/craft to millions of people who will be interested to pay you to do what you love doing.

Follow our guide to success as I can assure you that, this is same method I personally used in generating 5 figures monthly even till date. I will make sure to simplify the content as best as I can so there would be clear understanding on processes and methods you as a Nigerian writer can take, to promote his craft. Some of these search terms will be attended to;

  • How can I promote my skill as Nigerian content creator
  • Where can I get clients as a writer in Nigeria
  • How to build my writing GIGs
  • Promoting yourself as a writer in Nigeria

Making money online use to be a problem (but that is in the past). Presently, I believe anything is possible online. Let’s take a peak at how much an average Nigerian writer can make writing for clients.

How Much Do Average Nigerian Writers Make Online?

There is no stable or one balance earning a Nigerian writer can make either per project, daily, weekly or even monthly. Amount a writer can make depends on a lot of factors. Some of which include;

  • Article word count
  • Client location
  • Content niche you are writing on
  • The client/brand you are working for/with
  • Your experience and exposure in the writing field
  • Previous writing Gigs and others.

Believe me when I say there are lots of factors; I only mention a few above. I know some Nigerian writers making above a hundred thousand monthly just by creating content for top brands. I can still recall a post published on Facebook by one popular Nigerian blogger – Sir. Remedy Nwankwo, saying a lady came to him for blogging tutorship and she claims she earn an average of 7 Million Naira monthly.

So you see, this is why I said it depends on lots of factor.

For instance, you can’t expect most Nigerian clients to pay you amount an Australian client will pay you per 2,000 word content. This is why client location really matters for digital content creators. I’ll advice you outsource foreign clients if you want to earn more as a Writer in Nigeria.

Remember, I mentioned above a writer who earns ₦7 Million monthly, what do you think got her to such extend? Do you think she is earning such amount because she is the best? What does she possess that you don’t?

Answers to this is simple, the reason she earns such amount is because she is dedicated, exposed in the field, she is experienced and she’s got previous gigs to back-up her claims.

This is one sole reason why we encourage writers to have GIGs. As this will help you get new clients to believe you can deliver as claimed by your words.

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So as not to get you bored, let’s head straight to the most interesting section of this article; how to promote yourself as a writer and make money in Nigeria..

Best Online Platforms to Market Yourself as a Writer in Nigeria 2023

There are quiet a good number of platforms any writer can market himself for maximum earning, but for the sake of this article, we only feature top ways that are still working even at recent time. In fact, I can assure you that if you understand how this platforms work, you can start banking your monthly 5 figures as a Nigerian within 3 months (max). Some of these platforms include;

Upwork Freelancing Platform (

Upwork made it to the first platform to promote yourself as a writer in Nigeria. Upwork is a an open freelancing platform whereby people (known as buyers) publish ad on service(s) they need while people (known as the sellers of these services or freelancer) provide these service(s) to the buyer and then get paid immediately.

Unlike other freelance platforms like Fiveer, Freelancing, Kwork and others whereby the freelancer have to publish a gig, Upwork made it much easier. In the sense that, the freelancer (you) choose job opportunity from list from over thousand vacancies available on the platform. This means that on Upwork, the freelancer chooses who to work for and how much he wants to get paid at the end of the task.

Let’s checkout below some pros and cons of Upwork; this will help you have a better understanding of what lies in front of you.


  • You choose your employer from available thousands
  • You don’t have to wait to be selected


  • Stress of writing proposals
  • You are competing with other applicants
  • You need to be convincing to get the job

From above, you will see that there is competition in the market as you have to compete with others to secure a job on Upwork. But even at that, I will tell you it is the best place to make money online as a writer in Nigeria as you will be the one to apply and you can easily skip to another offer if the first one didn’t favor you.

It’s a great choice for Nigerian freelancers again because; you don’t have to stress yourself writing and publishing Gigs, including going extra miles just to rank your gig on top pages on the freelancing platform.

Go ahead to create your free Upwork account and start making money online 2023. I wish you success as you begin your writing career on Upwork.

Fiveer Freelancing Marketplace (

On our list again we have Fiveer ranking second place on our listing on top platforms to promote yourself as a writer. Sure most of you must have heard or even come across Fiveer on most of your searches, related to how to get clients to work for as a writer.

Fiveer is one of the biggest freelancing platforms that have ever existed even at recent times. On Fiveer, anyone can make money online provided you have a skill you know you are good at, plus you know there are people who need and can pay for such skill to be used for their business growth.

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As a writer, you can easily make money online on Fiveer because, the digital world cannot exist without content so millions of big digital companies are searching for content creators which you come in place. You can make money as a content creator on fiver by;

  • Signing up a new account on Fiveer as a seller
  • Setting up your account as a professional (including profile photo, bio description, overall portfolio)
  • Creating your writing Gigs
  • Sharing on social media (make sure you don’t spam)
  • Go extra miles to make sure your Gigs are ranked on first 1-3 page

Making money on Fiveer as a writer is not that easy but with the help of a professional mentor, you can secure your first job within 2 months and from there, steady flow of income weekly or even daily.

Starting this, we recommend you have someone you trust who is already doing well on the platform to put you through.

Facebook Profile, Pages and Groups by Meta (

Most people sees Facebook only as a place to come and chat and have fun with friends not knowing people are using same platform to bank 5 figures monthly just by doing what they love doing.

Believe me when I say the world is evolving and digital world is taking over the space. There are basically three ways anyone can promote himself on Facebook and start making 5 figures monthly in Nigeria. These three methods include; profile, pages and groups.

I will take them individually for better understanding.

How to Make Money as a Writer using Facebook Profile

On your personal Facebook profile, you can dress your wall to have a professional look by adding a professional photo of yourself, a creative artwork displaying your skill as a writer and most especially, your bio telling all who comes to your profile who you are and what you do.

I believe you should have a niche by now already i.e a topic you know best how to write on.

Let’s say you know best on health topics.

You can begin by publishing daily or weekly health contents usually between 100 – 250 words.

As time goes, people will begin to follow you thereby, giving you exposure to people in the field which will in turn begin to bring you some cash before you know it.

  • People can come for you for promoting their health products, promoting on your wall
  • You might get pitch by a health company to work for them as a content creator.
  • You will get a upper hand if you apply for job opportunity as a writer on any health blog.

This is just an eye opener and nothing more. You can make more research about this.

How to Make Money as a Writer using Facebook Pages

Facebook pages is another cool way of making money as a writer in Nigeria. You can do this simply by;

  • Picking a niche
  • Write daily or weekly content on same niche
  • Share to get exposure
  • Make money through paid ads on your page.
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It’s kind of similar to that of profile. But we recommend this more as you tend to look more as a business other than an individual.

How to Make Money as a Writer through Facebook Groups

There are lots of ways to make money as a writer via Facebook groups. Here, I will be talking about one common method. But firstly, make sure to set up your account profile like a professional.

  • Join Facebook groups for Nigerian bloggers
  • Publish posts about your skill and what you can offer
  • You will get pitch by some bloggers within 30 minutes

This is very easy and anyone can be successful doing similar thing over and over again.

Get Fame through Nigerian Forums (e.g NairaLand)

Forums is yet another cool and easy way to make money as a writer in Nigeria. You can promote yourself on top forums by creating and setting up your account as a pro, publishing contents advertising yourself.

This method will take time but believe me when I say it still works.

You will see the effect when you consistent in it which usually should take 3-6 months to get your first over and after that, tons of opportunities will come knocking at your door.

Kwork Freelancing Platform (

The late but not the least we have Kwork. Kwork is a freelancing platform like Fiveer, where sellers can publish their gigs while they wait for buyers to review and apply for their service.

We have Kwork on our list as one of the top platform to promote and make money as a writer in Nigeria because, unlike Upwork and Fiveer, Kwork is new a bid new to most people. In Nigerian terms, I wil say “Kwork neva cast like other freelancing platforms”, which is why we have it on our list.

Since this platform is not very famous in Nigeria, you being one of the first set of Nigerian freelancers on the platform are most likely to succeed before new people will come into it thereby, adding the competition rate.

You should go ahead now and start your freelancing career on Kwork if you really want to make some quick cash before June 2023.

Other Notable Ways to Market yourself and Make Money as a Nigerian Content Creator

  • Own a blog and write to the world
  • Be active on world forums like Quora, Reddit etc
  • Write and publish books on Okada Books
  • Write and publish books on Amazon Kindle Publisher platform


You just read our article about the top platforms or places to market yourself as a writer and make money online 2023. This surely, is all you can ever ask for if you are a writer who is in need of some creative places to sell his service to potential buyers.

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