Nigerian Sites that Pay Writers – Write and Get Paid in Nigeria 2023

Are you a writer? Do you need money? Are you searching for some write and get paid job opportunities in Nigeria? If these three questions are answered positive by you then you are on the right page. On the page, we will be sharing with you some list of top Nigerian sites that pay writers.

This surely, should get you fully equipped if you are looking for write and get paid in Nigeria opportunities as a content creator.

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We came up with this content idea when we realize from our sources that there are tons of Nigerian writers who are good and looking for a way of generating income for themselves but to no avail. We thought sharing this piece in the Nigerian market will help create a source of income to few Nigerian writers.

You can continue reading to your success as we begin with our listing of top sites to write and get paid in Nigeria.

Top 5 Nigerian Sites That Pays Writers 2023 – Get Paid to Write on Blogs

Below, you will find the updated list of some top 5 Nigerian sites that pays writters to publish content on their blog. First on our list we have;

Naira Side (

Surely, you know Naira Side Online Publishing as this is where you are reading this very content now. Starting from February 1st, 2023, we will start accepting new content creators to write for our blogs while we pay them in Naira.

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This is going to be a cool way of making money for beginner and professional content creators in Nigeria when we open for new recruits. The fun part if that, you will be provided with topics to write about while you get paid on 15th and 30th of every month.

All that is required of you is to know how to write on these categories;

  • Insurance topics
  • Business topics
  • Make Money Online
  • Latest recruitments
  • How to guides
  • General Nigerian knowledge

As these is where topics will be assigned to you to write on. Yes! You don’t need to know anything about keyword research as we will provide you with the exact keyword we want so as to make your work much easier.

You can always reach us via starting from 1st February, 2023 and we will send you a test topic to write on. You can always read more about how to get paid writing for NairaSide.

Info Guide Nigeria (

The second on our list we have Information Guide Nigeria. This website is owned by one famous blogger and digital entrepreneur in Nigeria Sir. Ifiokobong Ibanga. Info Guide Nigeria writing opportunity have been live for over 5 years now though only few Nigerian writers knows about it and believe me when I say they are making some cool cash writing content on that very site.

The most interesting fact is that, you too can make money writing for this website as their writing job opportunity is designed for all who want to make money online as a writer.

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You can read more about them by pasting this URL ( in your browser.

Nigerian Infopedia (

Nigerian Infopedia is yet another online publishing company you can think of when it comes to creating opportunities for writers to earn a living online writing on their blog(s).

The pay is not really huge but not really worse than doing nothing.

To apply for writing job opportunity on NigerianInfopedia, all that is required of you to read through and understand information on this page ( then apply

Things to Know (

Things to Know made it to the fourth position on top Nigerian sites that pay writers Naira. ThingsToKnow is a fast growing digital publishing company in Nigeria and the good news is that they pay writers to write for them on their site.

ThingsToKnow accept writers to publish content on their website in the following categories;

  • Biography
  • Net worth of high profile people
  • General Nigerian Info’s

Payment for writers on this site is usually sent 31st of every month provided the writer reaches a particular threshold. You can find more details on how to write and get paid in Nigeria through ThingsToKnow

Gist Focus (

Another Nigerian site that pays you to write is Gist Focus. Gist Focus is a  digital company that publish content related to the Nigerian audience and one sweet thing about this site is that they pay guest writers on their blog.

In order to make money writing for this website, all you need to do is checkout their site and locate the “write for us” page to learn more about their writing jobs and other special requirements.

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Hey there, you just completely consumed our content on how to write and get paid in Nigeria. Surely, you’ve now now learn some Nigerian sites that pay writers to publish content on their site if truly you read our piece to the very end.

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