Mwaghavul Names and Meaning for Males & Females (50+ New)

50+ Mwaghavul Names and Meaning for Males & Females: On this page, you will discover a complete list of over 50 Mwaghavul names and meaning for both male and female genders.

Mwaghavul is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken by a small community of people in Mangu Local government area of Plateau State. However, there are other languages dominating in the local government but they take only the minority portion compared to Mwaghavul.

According to Wikipedia report, the language is spoken by an average of 150,000 persons as at 2016. From our estimation, the language is spoken by over 250,000 people across the state.

Mangu Local government area of Plateau state is known based on it natural features and beautiful environments. It is one of the regions in the state blessed with lots of high mountains, cool air and water resorts. You sure will have a great time as a tourist in the location.

The people of Mangu speaking Mwaghavul Language are not left behind when it comes to giving beautiful names for their kids. We have a list of some cute baby names which are both shared among all genders below.

50+ Mwaghavul Names and Meaning in English (Male & Female Names)

1 Bamnan The help of God
2 Bamshak Help each other
3 Chinnan The work of God
4 Dakshak The work of togetherness
5 Dakut Son of the Air
6 Dalong Son of Wealth
7 Dangkat Request has been answered
8 Dawus Son of Fire
9 Katlong Riches in here
10 Kopdi There is hope
11 Kyenpia Furture is bright
12 Kyenshak Being together
13 Kwarshak Dislike between others
14 Lalong Son of riches
15 Larep Beautiful Lady
16 Longdi We have wealth
17 Longkat We have wealth
18 Mangplang Arise and praise the lord
19 Mummun Our own
20 Namun We are here
21 Nandak The lord has answered/settle
22 Nandom The lord’s love/precious in sight of God
23 Nandyel The one who God raises
24 Nanfwang  
25 Nankling God hears
26 Nankwat God have answered
27 Nanle Hope in God
28 Nanlop God’s sent
29 Nandi There is God
30 Nanret God is good
31 Nanman God knows
32 Naret Our good girl
33 Pankwat Thoughts has been answered
34 Panshak Think about each other
35 Peebang Place is Bright
36 Peret Place is good
37 Plangret Being thankful
38 Plangsen Thanking now
39 Pokyes End of discussion
40 Pomak It’s okay
41 Poret Mouth is good
42 Retna Good looks
43 Rindi There is future
44 Rinret Furture is bright
45 Sekyen Forward ever
46 Sendi There is wisdom
47 Tangkat Our request is found
48 Tapshak Togetherness
49 Tongpan Living in rightful thoughts
50 Tongret Living a good life
51 Walshak Listen to the cries of one another
52 Yilret The place is good
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