Top 50 Leading Insurance Companies in Abuja 2023

Top 50 Leading Insurance Companies in Abuja, Nigeria

Want to go for an insurance policy and you are a resident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? It’s really a great idea since having an insurance policy in Nigeria is a crucial thing to consider as a citizen. Here, we have list of top leading insurance companies in Abuja.

It sure will be a resource for you to consider while choosing insurance company to apply for their service.

It has nothing to do with your location or where your property(s) are located or situated. Provided you can access Abuja and/or maybe, you want your property be insured with one of the top Insurance companies in Abuja.

We have another guide on top insurance companies in most target locations in Nigeria. You should try checking the piece if you are not ok with top leading insurance service providers in the Federal Capital Territory (ABUJA).

Before going wholly into our main piece, let’s have an idea of what kind of properties or valuables can be insured in any insurance companies in Nigeria.

Types of Insurance Policies – (what can I insure)

There are quite a good number of things which can be insured in Nigeria both tangible/intangible. You can find the types of insurance in Nigeria below;

  • Life Assurance: This insurance policy covers life of an individual. It is one of a kind.
  • Motor Insurance: Motor insurance or vehicle insurance is a type of insurance policy in Nigeria which covers all vehicle compensation due to damages or accident.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is the type of insurance policy which covers all unfortunate incidences resulting traveling abroad.
  • Factory Insurance: This type of insurance covers all negativities which happens within a factory premises
  • Health Insurance: This type of insurance policy covers all health related problems
  • Home Insurance: in a nutshell, home insurance has to do with compensation of damages which occur in an already insured home. It might be Fire, theft, flood etc
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Now that we have an insight of what can be insured with an insurance company in Nigeria, let’s head straight to the most interesting section of this content. Which is; top leading insurance companies in Abuja to consider while going for an insurance policy in Nigeria.

(A-Z) Top Leading Insurance Companies in Abuja 2022

  1. A & G Insurance Limited
  2. Africa Alliance Insurance Plc
  3. AIICO Insurance Company
  4. Allianz Insurance Company, Abuja
  5. Anchor Insurance Company Ltd
  6. Armstrong Insurance Brokers Ltd
  7. Asset & Liability Insurance Company Ltd
  8. Blue Arrow Insurance Brokers Limited
  9. Chrome Insurance Company Ltd
  10. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc
  11. Cornerstone Insurance Plc
  12. Country and City Insurance Brokers Limited
  13. Credo Insurance Brokers Ltd
  14. ECL Asset Management and Insurance Limited
  15. Eco Insurance Brokers Limited
  16. Fin Insurance Company Ltd
  17. Gold Link Insurance Plc
  18. Great Nigeria Insurance Plc
  19. Guinea Insurance Plc
  20. Hygeia HMO
  21. Industrial and General Insurance Company Ltd
  22. Jaiz Takaful Insurance Plc
  23. Kingsley Insurance Brokers Limited
  24. Leadway Assurance Company Limited
  25. Linkage Assurance Plc
  26. National Health Insurance Scheme
  27. National Insurance Corporation of Nigeria (NICON)
  28. National Insurance Trust Fund
  29. NEM Insurance Plc
  30. Nicon Insurance Plc
  31. Niger Insurance Plc
  32. Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
  33. Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  34. Northlink Insurance Brokers Plc
  35. Ora Egbunike & Associates
  36. PMI Consults
  37. Royal Exchange General Insurance Company Limted
  38. SCIB Insurance Company Limited
  39. Skygroove International Limited
  40. Songhai Health trust Limited
  41. Standard Insurance Consultant Ltd
  42. The Lion of Africa Insurance Company Ltd
  43. Total Security Insurance Broker
  44. UNIC Insurance Plc
  45. Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited
  46. United Health Care International
  47. Unitrust Insurance Company
  48. Universal Insurance Company Limited
  49. Veritas Kapital Assurance Plc
  50. Zuma Health Trust Insurance Company Limited
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Conclusion: Top 50 Insurance Companies in Abuja – Nigeria

How interesting. You just read our content on the top 50 insurance companies in Abuja. Surely, we believe this piece is to be resourceful and we hope you found just what you are looking for on this page.

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