How to Join Kannywood Movie Industry 2023

How to Join Kannywood Movie Industry.

Are you an experienced actor/actress with or without experience in professional movie production field? Are you looking forward to joining Kannywood movie Production Company as an actor or actress? I’ve got great news to you on this page as I bring to you Kannywood Audition 2023 notice. This surely will be all you need to know in regards to how to join Kannywood Movie Industry.

We came to this content development from last year’s research. We noticed a lot of people are asking for solutions on how they can join Kannywood industry which was why we kept ears on ground to dig out from the source. That led to the availability of information we have for you on this very page.

Let’s get to know a little about Kannywood before we proceed to Kannywood audition on how to apply for the open audition.

About Kannywood Movies (Hausa Film Industry)

Kannywood is a recognized movie industry in Nigeria which is under the rights of Nollywood (the biggest movie production company in Nigeria. Even at that, Kannywood is autonomous in nature which means they are fully in charge of all of their activities and they are not being regulated by any other body.

Kannywood is a joint venture which originated from Kano State (a state in North-West region of the country). This movie industry was founded in the late 1990s and was coined the term “Kannywood” after it was mentioned by one popular Sanusi Shehu of “The Star” magazine. In summary, Kannywood is a Hausa movie industry which was originated and mostly operated in Arewa (Northern) Nigeria.

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Kannywood Movie Industry Location

Kannywood movie industry is Kano and Kaduna state with it headquarters in Kano State, Nigeria.

Kannywood Movie Industry Audition

Kannywood Audition is an opportunity brought by the company to recruit and train more movie stars to join in their company as recognized screenplay actors/actresses. All you need in getting started is applying for the Kannywood registration form 2023.

Kannywood Application Form 2023

The movie industry headquartered in Kano state made it public on their Television Channel Arewa24 that they are open for audition and recruitment of new screenplay actors/actresses. This means here is an opportunity for members of the general public to join the movie industry. Though, there are some basic requirements;

Application Requirements for Kannywood Application Form 2023

  • Candidate must be above 18 years to apply
  • Interest candidates must have in possession SSCE and WAEC/NECO certificate with not less than 5 credits including mathematics and English language
  • Applicant must be fluent in Hausa and English Language

If you meet all above requirements, we can proceed to the next step which is how to successfully start your career as an actor or actress through Kannywood Movie Production Company.

How to Join Kannywood Movie Industry in Nigeria 2023

All interest candidate are required to forward their application and CV to this email address for their audition application to be processed and considered.

You will get a feedback from Arewa24 with a tag “Kundin Kannywood”. They should send you a date you will be required to come for audition in their main headquarters located in Kano state.

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NOTE: All candidates who applied for the Kannywood Audition are required to come to the venue with an audition fee of NGN7,000. It is also important that candidates who applied for Kannywood application form 2023 check their email address on regular basis so as not to miss out any important information.


Glad you made it to the end of our article where we share with you how to join Kannywood movie industry 2023. This surely is all you need to apply for the audition conducted by Arewa24’s Kannywood representative team. If you dream of becoming a movie star then don’t try to miss out this opportunity.

Closing date for the audition was not made public, it might be because they intend to live the spot open throughout the year. Who Knows?

We sure will update this content if there is a closing date for Kannywood 2023 audition.

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    • My best dream in life is to be an actor or ones to see my self playing a very vital in role kannywood.
      I have the above requirements

  1. Aslm I thanks Allah for giving this opportunity for seeing this message please help me to achieve my dream please wslm

  2. I have a dream of being an actor since I was a little boy, and I have been trying to meet an opportunity still yet no show
    B,cos I don’t know any body to help me and I also sing song but In hausa and English language. If this is real den I can’t wait to see my dreams on acting hausa movies

  3. May allah hepl us all who want to be kannywood artties cause of annabi muhammad s.a w am 19year boy i relly like be an kannywood arties may allah help us please help me

  4. I have a dream of being an actor since I was a little boy, and I have been trying to meet an opportunity still yet no show
    B,cos I don’t know any body to help me and I also sing song but In hausa and English language. If this is real den I can’t wait to see my dreams on acting hausa movies


  5. Becoming an actor has always been my biggest dream, since I was a child, please help this 21 year old girl… And the email how can I send it?

  6. Im Nuradeen Idris Adam,Im 21 year old and i’m from poor family,all of my dream is to become kannywood actor sins when i watch some film murjanatu yar baba,please i need your help .I dont have webside

  7. Thank you so much for the information, Insha Allah I’ll try to follow up the instructions that I got from you, thank you


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