How to Make Money in Real Estate Business in Nigeria 2023

Hello there, we welcome you to this piece where we will be talking about how to earn or make money with real estate business in Nigeria this year.

Days ago, we published an article about how to start real estate business in Nigeria and since then, we thought it would be a good idea sharing with you (our dear readers) how to effectively leverage the money making opportunities in Real Estate. Remember, real estate business is a game of never ending opportunities which means there are over 10 ways which when done correctly, you will be able to bank some Naira(s) into your account as profit.

Starting real estate business is simple thing anyone with fund can just dive into but what about starting a profitable one? This is what most real estate enthusiast won’t love to share with you. It may be because they are trying to lease the competition from their end.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started in revealing to you how to successfully use real estate business not just as a side hustle but a multiple stream of income added to your recent income stream.

Top 7 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Business in Nigeria 2023

There are tons of ways of ways which anyone can use in earning a decent income in Nigerian Real Estate world. On this post, we handpicked 7 most lucrative ones we believe will earn you much if studied, understood and practiced accordingly. These methods can be located below;

Buy and Flip Properties

This is one of the top earning opportunities in Real Estate business. In fact, this is what brought about the awareness and what everyone knows real as state business to be about.

Making a decent income from this opportunity in real estate business is really the easiest compared to other methods of making money in the business field.

All that is required to earn here is little knowledge of the business and the availability of fund at your disposal which will be used in acquiring the property(s). After acquiring the property, you sell it off to others maybe within a month or two. One can earn from 120% to 135% doing this.

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Longtime Investment with Buy and Hold order

Buying properties for longtime investment is one of the best way of making money in real estate though this requires that you have much capital at hand to acquire more properties. This is because the higher the number of properties you acquire; the higher your earning will be when you finally decide to sell it off.

Investors in this category buy and hold property for a period of one year or more, pending on the Roi the investor is targeting.

Most investors in this category go for raw piece of land.

For instance, check this out.

If there is a new expansion of urbanization to a particular environment, the lands there will be really cheap.  You can get a plot of land for ₦250,000. Let’s say you purchase 10 plots of land at ₦250,000 each, that will be a total of ₦2,500,000 and after a period of 5 years, you sell those land for ₦800,000 each; that should be a total of ₦8,000,000. This means you successfully made a profit of ₦5,500,000 Million within 5 years. This surely is not bad for the amount you invested.

Buy Shares from top performing Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

This is an uncommon way of making money in the real estate world but it’s worth it. In fact, this is an effortless way of making cool money without doing anything. All which will be required here is to find a trusted real estate company that is open for selling shares, perform all legal rights to go into contract with them, buy their shares and watch as your dividend grow to millions.

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Remember, how much you make here highly depends on the annual dividend as agreed by legal documents of contract dully signed by the company you are partnering with as well as the amount of money you used in investing into their company. This simply means; the higher your investment, the higher your earning.

Serve as a Middle Man or Agent to Real Estate Companies

Some might say it is impossible to make money in real estate with zero capital but we tell you this today; “it’s a whole bunch of trash as it is not practical in nature”. I personally know a few persons who are into this and are making something for themselves, at least for the mean time.

Anyone can do this as long as you are good in marketing and you have full knowledge of how to promote yourself individually as a brand. We published a complete guide on how to go about starting a lucrative real estate business without capital and we advise you check it out.

Offer Professional Advice to Real Estate Business Persons

Offering professional advice and counseling to real estate business persons is also a known sector in the filled. Though, this is not for everyone as you are most likely to be turned down by most clients if you are not a professional in the field.

For this money making option, we strongly advise Estate Management Students to consider this as most of real estate investors in Nigeria have no educational background in the real estate field.

Educating them can be an upper hand earning opportunity for you. You should expect a post soon on our blog on how to effectively make money as a estate management student in Nigeria without a job. This method should help you setup a business for yourself.

Create Awareness of New Properties to Top Performing Real Estate Companies

Have you ever wonder how these real estate investors get alert for investment opportunities in towns they never visited? Many people are serving as eyes to these top companies and they are being paid for information they pass.

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You can equally be an eye for a known real estate companies in Nigeria today. Just head to their office and talk about the business opportunity you got for them and they invite you to be their partner and from there, you provide them with information they need and you get paid for it.

Preach Real Estate to People around your Circle

There is a saying “If my broda make am – me too done make am be dat”. If you preach or share the word of real estate to people around you and they benefitted positively from it, don’t you think you will be rewarded either directly or indirectly? Preaching real estate to people doesn’t mean you’ll start talking to random people about real estate instead, talk to people with funds that are ready to invest but don’t know where to invest their fund in.

Advice and educate them about the need and importance of real estate opening their eyes to see what lies in front of them but they are too busy with other things to even notice.

This should be the end, read below for our final thoughts.


Glad you made it to this part of the article where we talked about top 7 ways which anyone can use to make money in real estate business in Nigeria.

Real estate business can be tempting at most time which is why we recommend you check this post on factors to consider before investing into any real estate property.

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