How to Make Money as a Writer in Nigeria 2023

Hey there! Are you a creative writer or a digital content creator? Are you good at it and you are looking for ways you can get paid as you offer your service to clients? I welcome you to this page because you are on the right page, we will be talking about ways you can easily make money as a writer in Nigeria.

Surely, information on this article is all you can ever need if what you are looking for is top lucrative methods of making money as a writer. Some of these queries will be answered;

  • Where to get writing jobs in Nigeria
  • How to earn money writing in Nigeria
  • Ways to make money in Nigeria as a writer
  • Write and get paid job opportunities in Nigeria

Making money online as a writer is not as hard as many might be thinking before today. I assure you that proper usage of what you will find on this page is all you need to make your first $100 or NGN50,000 Naira online as a writer.

All that is required of you is read, understand and utilize the resource you find on this page as we make sure to only filter legit and high paying opportunities for writers on this page.

Without wasting much time, let’s head to the most important section of this article which is lucrative online money making opportunities for writers.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money as a Writer in Nigeria 2023

All you need to know about the legit paying opportunities to make money as a writer can be found in this section. In fact, you can start this month and get paid same month on some of the methods that would be listed shortly. So here are the legit online money making opportunities for writers 2023;

Write for Top Nigerian Websites and Get Paid

Are you aware that many of Nigerian sites are looking for content writers who will be publishing contents for them on daily basis? Sure this might sound odd or even hard to believe to some.

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Some might even say; “I’ve messaged a lot of these big sites but they never replied to my messages”. This I believe to be truth, but don’t you think you might be doing something wrong.

Sure you are.

Firstly, what you should look out for before applying is to confirm if these websites are actually open for paying guest writers or if they are open for recruiting new role managers of their sites.

We have quiet a good number of sites that are open to paying writers in Nigeria. Examples include;

  • Naira Side Media Publishing (
  • Info Guide Nigeria (
  • Things to Know (

Among others. Surely, I know you are not aware that we hire writers on our site before today.

Well, now you know.  You can check out our guide on how to apply for writing job on Naira Side.

Write and Publish Books on Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is sure one legit and high paying method to make money as an independent writer in Nigeria or any part of the world. Amazon KDP or Amazon Kindle Publishing is a way of writing and selling books on

Am sure everyone knows about Amazon except if you just came out from the café since when you were born.


Amazon KDP has been a legit source of income to some few writers I know personally and if they can make it, I believe you too can make it. All you need to do is make more enquiries about KDP and how anyone can make money with Amazon KDP legitimately.

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Become a Freelancer on Upwork and Fiveer

Freelancing is not a new term in the whole world now and there is no doubt, it is one of the easiest way to sell your skill to potential buyers. Being a freelancer on Upwork and/or Fiveer is one sure way to promote your writing services to people from all over the world.

Every day, tons of purchases worth millions of Naira are being done on these two platforms and you too can be part of the beneficiaries making some decent cash monthly.

I know some few friends making it huge just by being a freelancer on these two freelancing sites and they are doing well. All you need to do in getting started as a freelancer is setting up your account on these platforms and most especially, enroll for a course or better still, get someone to couch you.

Become a Copywriter for Ecommerce Vendors

Though this method is not just for all writers but for more advanced skilled writers who are confident in themselves and also, who are good in persuading others to use their credit card to pay for something even if they initially don’t want to pay for it.

Copywriting is an art and science of creative writing also known as copies or sales copy which is mostly use for advertisement of a particular product or for promotional material. Understanding the act of copywriting will never live your bank account dry for a single day.

In fact, copywriting is not just leading in ways to make money as a writer but it is also known as one of the highest paying digital skill in the world for 2023.

We won’t say much as we will live you here to analyze and digest the concept of copywriting; understanding the technical aspect of it.

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Open a Website and Make Money with Google Adsense

Are you aware that if you open a blog and use your writing skills to publish quality contents on your site you can make money? Yes you read the above line correctly. You can make money with a blog if you are a writer.

All you need to do in getting started is;

  • Know what best you are good at writing (niche)
  • Buy a domain name related to the niche you know best
  • Install a CMS or connect your domain name to Google blogger
  • Create and publish engaging content on your website
  • Apply for Google Adsense if you know your site is ready
  • Start getting paid doing what you love most (writing)

Even as blogging is one cool way of making money as a writer, I won’t say it’s the easiest because of present competition in the sector these days. As always, I will advise you to get a tutor if you really must succeed from blogging as a beginner. Though, other ways to learn is by watching Youtube videos.


Glad you made it to this section of our article where we talked about how to make money as a writer in Nigeria. We believe you found this article helpful otherwise you can reach us and we surely will respond to you. Five (5) of our listing are no doubt some of the highest paying methods to making passive income writing in Nigeria. Though, we recommend using the first option “write for sites and get paid” if you are looking for fast cash.

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