How to Check Access Bank Account Number with Phone (USSD and Online)

How to Check Access Bank Account Number with Phone (USSD and Online): Here you will discover easy methods on how to retrieve or check access bank account number with cell phone.

Lost your access bank account number? It’s a common thing as you are not the first neither will you be the last. It might as well be that you only want to help a friend or family retrieve his/her account number.

Whichever it may, we welcome you to this page as you are just on the right page where we will be resolving all queries in relation to retrieving a lost account number from any Access Bank account.

With the methods which you will be provided on this page, you will be able to get your lost access bank account number without having to visit any Access Bank branch. This simply means you can be at home and do all processes.

  • No need filling any form
  • No need to answer any questions
  • Get your account displayed on your phone screen within 5 minutes

This method can also be used to retrieve account numbers for diamond bank users too. Am sure you are aware Access Bank is no in charge of all activities of Diamond bank since 2020 when they acquire the bank ownership.

So let’s get started at speed without wasting much time.

Basically, there are three (3) methods which can be used to retrieve a lost access bank account with phone. These 3 methods include;

  • Retrieving via USSD code
  • Checking Access Bank account number via WhatsApp Bot
  • Checking via Access Bank mobile application
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For better understanding of the topic under investigation (how to check Access bank number with phone), we will be making use of the three methods to guide you on how to retrieve a loss access bank account number in 5 minutes.

Anyone can do this as it is not techy. All that is required is have a basic knowledge of following instructions and nothing more.

See below for full guideline.

How to Check Access Bank Account Number Using USSD Code

To check your diamond/access bank account number making use of the USSD code, all you need to do is follow below guide;

  • Open your mobile dialer (small phone users can skip step)
  • Now insert Access Bank USSD code *901# and send
  • Reply with “4” from list of available option to select “other services”
  • Now reply with “4” to select “enquiry services”
  • From here, all you need is reply with “3” to select “view account number”

Following above step correctly should get your 10 digits account number displayed on your phone screen now.

See other methods below

How to Check Access Bank Account Number via WhatsApp

Checking Access bank account number using the Whatsapp method is one of the coolest methods of knowing what your account number is. All you need to do here is save the Access Bank Whatsapp number, verify ownership of your account and that’s it. To do this, follow our guide below;

  • Save this Access bank bot whatsapp number on your phone (+2349090901901)
  • Lunch your Whatsapp application and search for the number
  • Now send “Hi” to the number
  • You will be prompt with a link to verify your account. Complete the whole verification process.
  • Now on the whatsapp page, you will get a full display menu of all services the Whatsapp bot can do for you.
  • TAB on enquiry followed by account number to view your Access account number.
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How to Check your Account Number with the Access Account Mobile App

To do this all you need is follow our guide below;

  • First Download Access Bank Mobile app on Playstore for Android or Appstore for IOS
  • Logon to the app with your registered phone number
  • Further verify your account with your valid ATM card
  • Login to the app and you will see your account number there

What to do After Retrieving your Account Number

This is one important thing always neglected by most people. Though, we recommend that you consider doing this so as to save yourself the stress or retrieving your diamond bank account number when lost or forgotten.

Save your account number by doing these;

  • Save it on your phonebook as a contact
  • Save it on your phone Notepad
  • Write it down in a journal or perhaps behind any important document
  • Add it to your Google drive so you will be in charge or it any day or time

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