How Small Business Owners Can Make Money with Google in Nigeria

How Small Business Owners can make money with Google in Nigeria: Are you a Small business owner? Or you are someone who is wondering how to leverage Google Search Engine to increase sales or awareness for his business? Either way, I have a great resource for you which can be accessed on this page.

On this page, I will be educating you on some pro-tips on how small business owners can make money with Google in Nigeria.

I believe you are a business owner since you are here on this page. And am certain you are here because you want to grow existing business or establish a new set of people through Google search engine. It is no lie; Google is the biggest search engine on earth from the likes of Bing, Yandex, Pinterest etc

Just make sure to consume this content till the very end as this resource is aimed at providing digital based solution for your business startup. So as not to get you bored, let’s get started with the listing of make money ideas for small scale business owners to make money with their business online.

5 Steps on How Small Business Owners can Make Money with Google

Open a Website for your Business

As a small business owner, it is of great importance that you have a website for your business. This has nothing to do with what your business is about. Provided your business offers solution then, it is important that you have a website.

Are you aware digital sales are highly competing with local/visual sales in recent times?

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This is to show you how making your business public by creating a standard website can take you far. Owning a website is the first step of establishing or presenting what your business is about to the world. A visual store can be limited to people living around a particular environment but a website is created in just a way that people from all over the world can reach you irrespective of your location.

Add your Business of Google Map

Am sure you must have seen highlight snippet whenever you search for some top business names of Google search engine. These businesses you are seeing on that front page are getting thousands of traffic (people) from Google monthly depending on how explored or service the business renders.

You might as well know Google Maps before now as it is pre-installed on most mobile phones. The app can be used to located places/locations and businesses within seconds.

For instance, let’s say your small business offers logistics services in Lagos State.

When someone residing in Lagos (or even outside Nigeria) type on “Logistics Company in Lagos”, the person will see your business listed on Google Map.

The person can either, click to view and pay for your service or scroll to other business on the listing. This is why Google Map is a great choice for Small business owners who want to multiple the sales or creating awareness of their startup to the whole world.

Always Update your Online Information: this will help you remain relevant

Since you now have Website and Google Map setup, the next step to take is regular update to your business information on all of these platforms. This include products, services, updated reviews and so much more.

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If it’s a service company, then you might want to consider creating digital contents surrounding your business (what your business offers and how people can benefit) it will help increase your sales before you know it. Our team can help you in content creation with fasted delivery within 24 hours. You might want to reach us if you need content creation on any field/product.

Take Advance Step to Promote your Small Scale Business

The advance steps to take here means promoting your business to reach a wider audience. This may include creating social media accounts, paying for guest-post publishing, advertising on other websites and other available marketing options.

Ask for Reviews and Recommendation

The last step we have for you is “reviews”. Business without customer reviews is  nothing and might find it hard to grow to a better stage. This method works best for small scale service industries.

Asking customers to live a review on Google Map or business page help catch attention of potential customers and makes them feel free going for your business against your competitors. Recommendations also help in boosting small scale business awareness to a target population. Asking your client to recommend your business/service to others will help you build authority and secure better chances of reaching more people which will in turn help in boosting your earnings.


You have successfully read our article on how Small business owners can make money with Google from anywhere in Nigeria. Doing this earlier will help in boosting your brand over 250% if done properly. For all services listed on this page (including professional web design/development, content creation and business promotion/branding) we can be of assistance for you. You might want to reach us.

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