How Much Can Student Account Contain in UBA

How Much Can Student Account Contain in UBA: On this page, you’ll get first-hand information on how much a student account can contain in UBA bank before requiring for an upgrade.

Are you searching for a guide on how to successfully open and operate a student account from UBA? Oh! You are here to learn how much a student account can contain in UBA. We welcome you once again as you are just on the right page where we will be talking about all you need to know in relation to operating a student account from UBA in Nigeria.

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) also known as the Pan African Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. It also has operational branches in major West & South countries in Africa. UBA bank is also known for being the best Nigerian bank when it comes to customer service support and experience which is indeed one important factor to consider when choosing to open a bank account in Nigeria.

They have multiple online channels whereby customers can lay complains or even perform instant transaction without having to move an inch. At UBA bank Plc, they offer a good number of account type which anyone can open some of which include;

  • UBA Savings Account
  • UBA Diaspora Account
  • UBA Current Account
  • UBA Student Saving Account and lots more.

To channel our mind to the topic under investigation (how much can a student account hold in UBA), let’s proceed further as we look at a brief introduction of what a student account is.

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What is a UBA Bank Student Saving Account?

A student bank account in Nigeria is that account type which is usually opened by most Nigerian banks for students who do not have any government issued identity card. This bank account type is also known as quick account and is not only limited to be opened by Nigerian students alone.

Individuals and small business owners can as well open this account type if they have no possession of government issued identity card ( which include; Voters card, Driver’s license, National Identity card or Passport). A student account serves same functions with the normal savings account however; there is more to it which will be discussed shortly.

Who Can Open a Student Account in UBA?

UBA student account is not limited to students alone. Any individual can open and have access to a functional student account from the United Bank for Africa (UBA).

How Much can Student Account Contain in UBA (Maximum)

The maximum amount which a student account can contain without any limitation is NGN300,000. Once a student account receives any amount above 300k, the account will be placed on hold. This simply means you will be unable to withdraw or transfer fund out of your account till you go for an account upgrade from UBA.

How to Upgrade UBA Savings Account to Remove Limitations

UBA student account upgrade is really not a difficult thing to do. You don’t even need to panic when your account is placed on hold. All you should do is follow below instructions to get your account upgraded to normal savings account.

  • Pick up any of your government issued identity card (Voters, NIN, International Passport or Driver’s License)
  • Collect your Utility bill of not older than 3 months and walk to any UBA branch near you.
  • Speak to the customer service representative and you will be issued an account upgrade form.
  • Now fill the account upgrade form and attach a copy of your ID card and utility bill and submit
  • Stay for few minutes to get your details updated on your UBA bank account
  • When done, your account limitation will be removed and you will have full access to your fund.
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How to Open a UBA Student Savings Account

To open a student account from UBA, all you need to have is are 4 copies of passport photograph and nothing more. Follow below instructions to see how to open a UBA student account instantly;

  • Walk into any UBA bank branch near you
  • Collect the account opening form and fill appropriately
  • In account type section, select “Savings Account” and submit
  • Complete your data capture and inform the customer service representative that you don’t have a government issued ID card
  • He will complete your account opening and live the limitation which allows your account to function automatically as a student account
  • Deposit small fund into your account and collect your ATM card
  • Now live the bank.

Glad you made it to the end point of this content where we talk about how much student account can contain in UBA, Limitations of Student account, how to upgrade a student account as well as how to open a student account from UBA. Cheers and good bye.

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