15 High Paying Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2023

15 High Paying Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2023.

Have you been wondering what skill you should learn in Nigeria 2023 that is highly profitable? Like, what skill can fetch me millions of Naira before the year 2023 runs out. We are glad you stumble on the right page as we will be discussing some high paying skills to learn in Nigeria 2023.

Surely, this article should give you a head start in making money in Nigeria 2023. The world is evolving and many people are losing their jobs due to introduction of modern technology into the world.

It would be nice, if you have a profitable skill to back-up your main career. Or maybe, allow your skill take place of your career job.

It sure won’t be a bad idea if the skill can fetch you more money that what your regular office work will fetch you in a month.

Learning a skill is one of the best choices any individual can do to his self at this time. And mind you, it is of great importance that you don’t just learn any skill. What you should learn is a high in demand skill. Maybe, a skill that solves problem to people and that which; people are ready to make payment for.

According to an institutional project research work, it shows that “thousands of Nigerians will lose their employment to evolution of technology by 2025”.

When checked and analyzed, you should see how truthful it is.

Imagine, do people do post-mailing in Nigeria in recent times compared to the past?

Do people still work about selling mobile recharge card like the way it used to be back then?

Sure the answers are clear.

Now this is why it is important to have a high paying skill in Nigeria. It might be a digital or even an offline skill. On this page, we have some list of high paying digital skills to learn in Nigeria. Not forgetting five (5) bonus offline skills you can add to your main hustle making a total of 15 skills to learn in Nigeria 2023.

You can check them out below;

15 High Paying Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2023 (Online & Offline)

  1. Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing made it first on our listing of top paying skill idea for Nigerians to make money online in 2023. Digital Marketing is simply a way of branding, showcasing and building a connection or a bridge between two parties usually known as the buyer and seller respectively.

The main idea behind digital marketing is to create a seamless and effortless discovery of product/service by potential buyer through the aid of online resources or platform. It is no lie digital marketing is taking over the world and anyone who masters the act of digital marketing – masters the act of selling anything online.

It is so funny they say, “a professional digital marketer can sell sh**t online if only he is been motivated to do so”. Well, it is true but that is not the point or main motive behind digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Nigeria is a lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria 2023. It has nothing to do with who you are, background or even location. Once you master the act, you sure will be a daily banker in Nigeria.

  1. Software Development Skills

Software Development is a simply the process of act of building computer application of maybe; it can be seen as a computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing and deploying software. It is too complex to explain software development to a beginner.

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According to Wikipedia (2023), Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug-fixing involve in creating application.

A simple understanding for Nigerians should be “a process or act of creating computer application”. Let’s stick with that.

Learning this skill to a pro level should help bank you a couple of millions before the year runs out if you ask me. Get is straight, I write of fact.

An average application or software developer in Nigeria takes nothing below 150k for a single project. Let’s say you are able to hit 2 projects monthly for a start as a professional.

You should earn nothing below 300k monthly on an average excluding other self-development projects you set for yourself.

I personally know some software developers in Nigeria which, at mere looks; they look like someone who earns less than 50k monthly. Funny the looks might be deceiving. Well, I guess that should be your plans in 2023;

Be Rich from within and Not to Look Rich from Outside yet Poor from Within

  1. Tech Skills

Another we have tech skills. This skill is vast in nature and more complex than others, yet much more profitable than you can imagine. The global tech is about solving people’s problem and nothing more.

It might be finance (Fintech), tech service, design and mockup among others.

As mentioned earlier, the tech field is vast and accommodating which means there is no limited number of persons that can join. Anyone can join and make money.

The most important thing to note is that; the early birds take the first seat on the train. This simply means, people are starts early are most likely to gain more exposure and possibly more income compared to others.

The most profitable tech niche in Nigeria 2023 is Fintech; solving finance related problems for Nigerian by creating techy gadget and web applications or maybe a more decentralized edge.

Mastering the any core tech skill is Nigeria is no doubt a brilliant pick for Nigerians to make more money online in 2023.

  1. Copywriting Skill

Copywriting has little to no difference with creating sales copy. It is seen as the mastery of selling online. It is actually a branch in Digital Marketing yet vast in it own form. Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or public material.

From above description, you should understand copywriting is simply a way of writing a promotional content to sell a particular product/service.

This business idea is no doubt a promising one and anyone can make money with this skill within a short period of time. All that is required is the mastery.

Surely, it is difficult to read over 100 word content on social media but there are some copywriting wizard who can get you engaged on social media with over 1000 words.

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I know a couple of them.

This includes the likes of Emmy Agama, Yinka Akinsowon, Seun Agbelusi among others.

Some might even ask if copywriting in Nigeria is lucrative.

Well, all online or offline business are lucrative.

What really matters is how or what you are doing different from other vendors.

Go ahead to learn this high paying digital skill and save yourself a trouble or a broke 2023.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Skills

Affiliate marketing just like copywriting is a branch or let’s say a sector in Digital Marketing Business. Since digital marketing is too large, there are over 5 high paying skills you can learn and consider them as your main source of income. Affiliate Marketing is one of them.

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model whereby an individual (affiliate) promotes a product/service owned by other(s) and he/she (the affiliate) earns agreed percentage (known as commission) for every successful sale they make using their affiliate link.

This business is no doubt one of the most lucrative online business of all time and can be mastered which is why we have it under high paying skills to learn in Nigeria this year. It is the easiest way to make money online without having to spend anything. It’s more of our previous content where we uncovered how anyone can make money with real estate without having to invest any capital in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing works great with some touch of copywriting including email marketing and sales funnel. Well, it is a more complex area if I must explain further on this page. Maybe I should create a content on how to make money with affiliate marketing with some of these great softwares/platforms (email list, copywriting, sales funnel and others) soon.

Think about it and give me your suggestion in the comment field.

  1. Digital Content Creation Skill

What you are reading here on this page now is a digital content. Not just any content but digital text content. Content creators in Nigeria make so much money via so many means.

It can be writing for themselves, businesses, firms, affiliate product, blogs or some big online companies that will pay you in U.S Dollars ($). Funny everyone loves dollars which is why we have it mentioned to grasp your attention.

Digital Content creation skill is the future of online presence. It can be videos, text content (like this one your are reading) or maybe a banner/image. They are all referred to as digital content provided they are informative and someone is willing to spend his time viewing them.

Content creation should be a game changer for small businesses must especially if they seek to build a trusted online audience thought to their business.

  1. UI/UX Design Skill

UI/UX design also known as User Interface/User Experience design in Nigeria is yet another lucrative high paying digital skill to consider learning in Nigeria. It is simply the designs for machines and softwares or applications (inclusive mobile phones, computers, web appliances etc) with the aim of maximizing user experience.

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This business is a techy business which deals more with designs. Though, not your regular graphic design instead; a more complex/realistic design.

Learning this skill this year in Nigeria should help give you a revenue boost before the year runs out.

You can start your career learning UI/UX designs by watching couple of YouTube videos while putting into deep practice.

  1. Video Editing/Voice Overs

Video editing is another lucrative business to make money in Nigeria therefore, we have it on our high paying skills to learn list in Nigeria for a reason. There are so many ways of making money as a video editor or even a voice over artist in Nigeria.

As a video editor, you can make more creating stunning videos for companies such as advertisement videos, product review videos, film making video editing and so much more. You can even create videos for yourself and upload on YouTube while you earn 100% generated revenue when you hit the YouTube monetization requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hrs watch hours.

  1. BlockChain & Web 3.0 Skill

Blockchain is a system in which a record of transactons made in cryptocurrencies are maintained across several computers which are linked in a peer to peer network. Web 3.0 on the other hand is the future of web content.

The web 1.0 is all about was the first recognized phase of the internet ever seen and it is built with mostly single page html and other programing languages. The Web 2.0 came in and which is currently domicile and recognized in recent time.

The Web 3.0 is the future because; it has not been expanded fully across the web. It is a more decentralized system whereby contents are been created, handled openly without control of even the original owner. Understanding the concept of how web 3.0 works earlier and leveraging into it early will make you a millionaire by next year.

Give it a try.

You can begin the first foot by going through some YouTube channels.

  1. Professional Web Design & Web development Skill

Web design is simply the act of creating professional web pages which could either be used for business or personal usage. It is a very lucrative business in Nigeria if you have much exposure in the market.

An average web designer in Nigeria charges from 50 to 500k for a project which takes less than a week to complete.

Wed developers can also earn a lot of money offering freelance services on some top freelancing marketplace on the internet. We have a guide that could be of resource to those aspiring to be web developers.

Offline Skills to Learn in Nigeria

  1. Professional Tailoring
  2. Barbing
  3. Wall Carpet Fixing
  4. Carpentry/Furniture Making Skills
  5. Shoe Making

Conclusion: Skills to Learn in Nigeria 2023 (Updated)

Glad you made it to the end of our content where we share some lucrative business skills that are worth learning in Nigeria. You sure should make some extra money if you learn these skills and implement before the end of the year. You should be a master in all mentioned skills within a time frame of 8 months.

The choice is yours to decide which skills to learn in Nigeria.

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