National Identity: A Means of Identity for a Citizens

National Identity means the things that citizens of a country have in common. Those things are valued the same anywhere on goes within and outside the country. National identity is an essential element for which a country is known or identified. Concrete objects and symbols such as the National Flag, Coat of Arm, National Anthem, … Read more

Constituted Authority: A Clear Understanding for Academic Scholars

There are considerable disadvantages for a government which depends upon the use of power to maintain control. Therefore, it is important for all people in positions of power that they should have their positions recognized as legitimate by those over whom they have power. Authority therefore refers to the ability to make others obey without … Read more

Election in Citizenship Education: Overview, Processes & Function of Electoral Bodies in an Election

What is Election? Election can be defined as the process or means through which the electorates choose their representatives for the legislative and executive positions in the state. Election is a contest between competing political parties, groups or individuals seeking to seize governmental powers. Indirect democracy became imperative as a result of the impossibility of … Read more

Systems of Government: Presidential and Cabinet (A Complete Overview)

Presidential System of Government This is a system of government in which all executive and ceremonial powers and functions are vested on one person called the president who is both the head of state and head of government. The president has the powers to hire and fire; that is appoints and dismisses appointees. In a … Read more