Current Cost of International Driver’s License in Nigeria 2023

Current Cost of International Driver’s License in Nigeria: On this page, you will discover what an international driver’s license is and also, the current cost of international driver’s license in Nigeria.

Are you interested in getting an international driver’s license in Nigeria? Sure, some might even ask why they may need to option for an international driver’s license when they already have a Nigerian license already.

Well, the answer to that is very simple yet is dependent on couple of factors. Besides, even without these factors, it’s still not a bad idea getting an international driver’s license of your own.

For better understanding on why you may need an international driver’s license identity card, let’s get to see what an international driver’s license is and what differences it has compared to the usual driver’s license card you know about.

What is an International Driver’s License?

An International driver’s license which is also referred to as international driver’s permit is an approved and recognized identification card which allows the holder drive any private vehicle in any country (local & foreign) without having to option for a local driver’s license in that country.

This driver’s license is more of advancement to the normal driver’s license which is commonly issued by Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Nigeria. Unlike the normal driver’s license which limits you with the warrant to drive only in Nigeria, the international driver’s license can be used in any foreign country.

Difference between Normal Nigerian Driver’s License & International Driving License

  • International driving license can be used in Nigeria and other foreign countries unlike the normal license which is limited in serve in Nigeria alone.
  • With an International driver’s license, you won’t have to partake in any test program in foreign countries before you can drive around with a vehicle. However, using a local Nigerian driving license will require that you partake in driving test conducted by any driving school in that country before you will be allowed to drive.
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What is the Current Cost of International Driver’s License in Nigeria?

The cost of international driver’s license in Nigeria is as follows;

  • $40 (₦20,000) – valid for 1 year
  • $56 (₦28,000) – valid for 2 year
  • $70 (₦35,000) – valid for 3 year

The maximum validity period issued for an international driving license in Nigeria is 3 years. Having selected the ₦35,000 license which is valid for 3 years, you will need to renew at same cost when it expires.

Having looked at the current cost of international driver’s license in Nigeria and interested in getting one, continue reading as I reveal to you some key requirements for applying for an international driving license in Nigeria

Requirements for Applying International Driver’s License in Nigeria

Candidates who wishes to apply for an international driver’s/driving license in Nigeria must make sure to adhere to the following criteria;

  • Applicant must be from 18years and above
  • Interested applicant must have an existing/valid driver’s license (local one)

Possession of above mentioned criteria means you are just a step ahead of getting your very own international driving license which can be used in both Nigeria and foreign countries you visit.

Let’s now talk about how to successfully apply for an approved international driving license in Nigeria. But before then, let’s get to see some of the agencies who are approved by the Nigerian Government to issue international driver’s permit for Nigerians.

Approved Agencies that issue International Driving License in Nigeria

Presently, there are only two (2) bodies which are established and saddled with the responsibility of testing driver’s ability and issuance of international driving permit which can be used to drive all private vehicles in foreign land. These two agencies include;

  • Central Motor Registry
  • Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
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See below for how to apply for int’l driver’s license in Nigeria.

How to apply for an approved International Driver’s License from Nigeria

Interested applicants are however, required to follow below guidelines in order to request for a new int’l driving license in Nigeria;

  • Visit the closest Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) office in your start or the headquarters in Abuja
  • Collect the international driving permit for and fill with correct information about yourself.
  • Attached a copy of your passport photograph pined on the form
  • Get a scanned photocopy of your valid NIN/voters card, valid driver’s license and any document to prove your home address and attach to your application form.
  • Now submit your form and live.

From there, your application form will be forwarded to the office of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity for verification and approval. You will be contacted by FRSC for response to your application.

However, the whole process may take up to 2 – 3 weeks for completion. It is advised you apply a month before the time you will need it; this may save you from lot of troubles.

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