72+ ₦10,000 Business Ideas that requires less than ₦10,000 Capital to Start in Nigeria 2023

72+ ₦10,000 Business Ideas that requires less than ₦10,000 Capital to Start in Nigeria.

Hello there, welcome to our blog. Are you searching for some top Nigeria business ideas you can start and make extra money within a short period of time? Oh! You are here because you are looking for high paying business opportunities that requires less investment in Nigeria. Either way, am happy to inform you that I will be covering on this page all you need to know about ₦10,000 business ideas that requires less than ₦10,000 capital/investment before you start earning huge.

This surely is premium all-in-one information shared for free on this web page.

In fact, this guide is all you can ever ask for if you are a risk taker or someone who has this entrepreneur spirit in him. On this page, I want to open your eye to discover the make money opportunities available around you yet too dark for you to see through. Revealing to you some high paying business ideas any Nigerian can venture into and make money before the year runs out.

One interesting part is that, some of these businesses am about to reveal requires less than ₦10,000 which is why we tagged this page “₦10,000 business ideas that requires less than ₦10,000 investment”.

  • Some of these queries will be attended to as we proceed
  • High paying business ideas for Nigerians to make money
  • What business can I venture into that requires small investment

So as not to get you bored, let’s get started without business idea listing. Hope you find in resourceful.

(A-Z List) Top ₦10,000 Business Ideas that Requires Less than ₦10,000 to Start in Nigeria

  1. Advertisement Agent

Social media advertisement agent is all about promoting other people’s business on social media platforms while you save 100% commission that comes it. It is no lie that since the world is evolving digitally, this is sure going to be a lucrative business idea to start and make money in Nigeria.

One most interesting fact is that you don’t even need to invest anything to get started as an Advertisement Agent.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Sure you must have come across Affiliate marketing one way or the other. Affiliate marketing is simply the act of selling other people’s product while you make certain percent known as affiliate commission for any successful sale you bring to the main product or service.

It is no lie a lucrative online money making opportunity to try out. Most especially if you are searching for how to make money online without investing anything in Nigeria 2022.

  1. Akara Selling business

This is a commonly known business in most regions in the country today. Akara selling business is yet another profitable offline business you can considered if you are of low capital. Don’t get me wrong, you can start the business with huge capital but starting with low capital too isn’t a bad idea since you are just a beginner.

An average Akara seller in Nigeria goes home with nothing less than  ₦3,000 daily as profit with a maximum investment of ₦10,000. This is one sure business idea that requires less than ₦10,000 to start and make money in Nigeria.

  1. Become a Bouncer at events

Are you aware that body builders too can make money in Nigeria. In fact, it is a lucrative business idea that does not require that you invest anything. All that is required is your time and patience and after that, people will come for you for hire.

You can either accept or turn down their offer as a bouncer in an event.

  1. Become a Dancer/Dancing Instructor

Many dancer sees their talent as a way of entertaining the world yet, they are unaware that there are means through which they can monetize what they love doing. Let me open your eye, do you know how much money dancers/instructors make on YouTube monthly?

I won’t answer that here. Go make your research and see how much you are on the losing side.

  1. Become a Digital Tutor

Being a digital tutor is yet another lucrative free way to make money online without having to invest anything. All that is required is your time to study and master a skill then sell it to people digitally while you earn a living.

It is a highly profitable business to consider for a long term in Nigeria.

  1. Become a Model

Modeling is yet another profitable business to consider in Nigeria. It is a less that ₦10,000 Business idea if you ask me. Some might see it as impossible.


What if I tell you some fashion shows registration are less than ₦5,000?

You can always source for small opportunities and start there before expanding to a more larger audience.

  1. Become a Script Writer

Scrip writing business in Nigeria is all about writing video content for movie producers and/or directors. It is a very lucrative business idea in Nigeria if I most say.

It is a very nice choice if you are good with content creation. It requires no money at all to start and all you need to make money as a script writer is exposure (connection to relevant people).

  1. Become a Voice-Over Artist

Many people are making money just by doing Voice-over and am sure you too can since it is a legitimate business recognized in all part of the country. You can make research on how to start voice-overs or become a voice-over artist if this business opportunity is the one that interest you the most.

  1. Become an Event MC

Nigerian MCs are making cool money without having to invest anything as capital. Some MCs goes home with nothing less that ₦250,000 per show and other ₦100,000 or even less. All that is required to become a Nigerian MC is that you are good at entertainment (i.e engaging people to have fun and make them do what normally they won’t do).

  1. Become and Event Planner

This is another business idea that does not require a startup capital. Just fix yourself as a brand and see how money will start flowing. You can simply start your journey as an event planner on social media and within a short period of time, you will meet your first client followed by others.

This is a high paying less than ₦10,000 business ideas for Nigerians to make decent income without stress.

  1. Become Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors in Nigeria makes not a lot of income daily/monthly but at least they make something for a living. You can make research on how to make money as a fitness instructor in Nigeria.

  1. Become SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts in Nigeria make so much money than you might be thinking before now. This is one cool online money making business for earning passive income without having to do much. All that is required is knowledge which can be gotten from free Youtube videos, online course and as well pro-software’s.

SEO is all about setting up a business to rank high in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It might be a blog, website, particular profile, Gig on freelance platform etc.

  1. Blogging Business

Blogging is all about creating and publishing digital content which can be of help to a particular set of people. In simple terms, bloggers are the one who answers most of your queries when you visit Google or other search engines to ask a question.

For instance, you ask for a question related to business ideas that requires small capital which is why you are been redirected to this page.

  1. Body Spray Selling and Distribution Business

Starting and body spray selling and distribution in Nigeria is a cool profitable less than ₦10,000 business idea for Nigerians. This is because you can start with any amount you can afford to invest in the new start up.

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You can checkout body sprays on OLX, Konga, Jumia you can buy in bulk with less than ₦5,000 and resell to make up to 80% profit in less than a week.

  1. Cake Making business

Baking and cake making business in Nigeria is yet another profitable business that requires zero capital to start in Nigeria. All you need to start this business is knowledge on how to bake a cake and that is all.

People who needs such service will come and pay you to offer your service to them. You only need to brand yourself as a professional business and nothing more.

  1. Car Wash Business

Average car washing centers in Nigeria makes nothing less than ₦5,000 daily as profit. The most interesting thing is that you can start a car wash business in Nigeria with less than ₦1,500. You only need to have water source and a vehicle parking space.

  1. Cloth Ironing Business

Cloth ironing business in Nigeria is a profitable business that requires nothing as a startup capital. All you need to start this business is a Charcoal Iron and you are good to go. You can charge ₦50 to ₦100 per ironed dress and you can iron over 10 cloths daily which should take you nothing more than 5 hours daily.

  1. Content Creation Service

Content creation is the future of digital marketing and general internet service. Many companies are brand are seeking for professional content strategist to create content surrounding their business.

Content creation is no lie a lucrative opportunity to earn a living writing contents for brands and new business startups. We also pay content publishers to create content on our blog.

  1. Copywriting Business

Copywriting business in Nigeria is yet another leading profitable digital business that requires no startup capital. Anyone can start copywriting and make money without having to spend a dime as investment. You only need to get yourselves field with copywriting knowledge as that is all client will ever ask for.

  1. CPA Marketing Business

CPA marketing business in Nigeria is yet another business idea you can start with less than ₦10,000 if you want to boost your earning within a short period of time. There are still people who start this business without investing anything yet, they are making it big. You can make further research on how to venture into CPA marketing as a beginner in Nigeria.

  1. Digital Consultation Business

Digital consultation business/service in Nigeria is a highly profitable business opportunity for Nigerians offering expert advice in a field they are familiar with. It could be SEO, digital marketing, affiliate marketing service etc.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about marketing and/or reviewing products/services online while you make money doing what you love. It is a fun business idea for Nigerians and people living all over the world to make money without having to put anything in form of money as investment.

  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a lucrative business opportunity for Nigerians to make money promoting services to people using an email list. Email marketing is broad as it has multiple channels to link into. Email marketing alone cannot be monetized except when integrated with other business like media advertisement, affiliate marketing etc

  1. Farming Business

Farming requires nothing at all to start and yet it is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Many people are making it big with agricultural farming in country-side regions on the country.

An average farmer who plants cash-crops for sale in Nigeria earns nothing less than ₦600,000 annually which is really not a bad amount since most government jobs in the country can’t afford to pay you such amount.

  1. Freelancing Business

Freelancing is about offering professional service for people while they pay you money. There are top freelancing platforms known nationwide you can begin your career as a freelancer. Some of these platforms include;

  • Kwork
  • Fiveer
  • Upwork
  1. Gas Refilling Business

Gas refilling is another ₦10,000 Business idea you can start today in Nigeria. This business requires larger capital if you must succeed as a main seller. Even at that, it is not a bad idea to start with what you can afford since you can still sustain and manage with the ₦10,000 capital till you make enough profit to rollover your business.

  1. Graphic Design Business

Graphic Designers in Nigeria are making a hell lot of money doing what they love doing. Thereby, making a lot of money with their mobile phones or laptops while in their homes.

Starting a career as a graphic designers in Nigeria will take nothing from you. You don’t even need a laptop to begin a career as a graphic designer. You can simply start with smart phone before expanding further to a PC when you can afford the cost.

  1. Grocery Distribution & Selling Business

Grocery distribution & selling business in Nigeria is a very profitable business idea you can start in Nigeria and make enough cash within a week. You can start this business with as little as ₦5,000.

All you need to do is visit some agricultural farmer, pay them for purchase of these grains then go back home/market and resale for over 100% in a day.

  1. Hair Making Business

Hair making business in Nigeria is no doubt one lucrative business opportunity for ladies in Nigeria to make extra money in time free time. You can start this business without a single capital at home – unless you wish to open a hair dressing saloon.

You can ask around for how to get started with a hair dressing saloon at home if this piece of information isn’t satisfactory to you.

  1. Information Marketing

Information marketing is a problem solving business idea for Nigerians to make money in Nigeria. All you need to start this business is a problem solving idea that you know people will pay anything just to have the knowledge.

It could be anything related to tech, repairs, digital marketing or the likes. Just proffer solution to people and make money with your brain.

  1. Kerosene Business

Kerosene business is another profitable business idea in Nigeria. This is because the invention of Gas made major kerosene sellers to diversify from selling Kerosene. This made the kerosene selling business less competitive which is why we have it listed on this page.

Many Nigerians are still making use of Kerosene stove to do all fireworks at their homes. Starting this business will give you a high returns before you know it.

  1. Liquid Soap Making business

Liquid some making business is sure another high paying business opportunity you can venture into and make a living. Good news is that you can start with little capital of less than ₦10,000.

It will cost you between ₦5,000-8,000 to buy chemicals for making 40 litters of liquid soap in Nigeria,

  1. Logistics Business

Logistics business is a tech driven profitable business in Nigeria solving ecommerce problem. It is a very lucrative business idea to consider as an individual who wants to build a name.

Logistics business is all about helping ecommerce vendors get their product delivered to their customers in remote location. You can charge as high as ₦5,000 per delivery of some items. This is no doubt a lucrative business to start. There are some top performing logistics companies in Nigeria like Barimike Logistics, Konta logistics and so much more.

  1. Meat pie production

Meat pie production business is another business opportunity we have for you on this page. It will cost you between ₦5,000 to ₦10,000 to start this business in small scale since this business is of high demand in the country, you sure should make enough profit which you can further add to your capital to boost your business growth.

  1. Mini food joint business

Opening a mini-food joint/restaurant in Nigeria could seen impossible to start with a capital of less than ₦10,000. Well, I wouldn’t have it listed on this page if am not certain or if i’ve not seen someone who start with less than that and doing well today.

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From my experience, there are many food sellers in Kano Nigeria that if analyzed all their items, it won’t be above ₦10k.

  1. Mobile App development

Tech business is a highly profitable one which is why we have this business listed on this page. This is a less than ₦10,000 business startup idea to consider. An average app developer in Nigeria charges between ₦80,000 to ₦200,000.

This business also requires zero investment as startup capital. All you need is programming skill and nothing more. Make further research about this.

  1. Mobile Recharging Business

Recharge card printing and selling business can be started with less than ₦10,000 if you ask me. Every day in Nigeria, calls worth millions of Naira are been done every 12 hours.

You too can be part of the beneficiaries in this.

Buy recharge card at cheaper rate, and sell at higher rate.

  1. Noodle Joint Business

Opening a noodle join in Nigeria is another business idea that requires less than ₦10,000 as startup capital in Nigeria. You can start this business by buying 3 cartons of noodles which should be around ₦9,500.

In a day, you can make over 1 carton and then use profit to invest in more cartons.

  1. Offer Pool Cleaning Service

Pool cleaning service in Nigeria is not very lucrative as other business ideas on this page. Buy one can still make money offering these serve while making easy money.

You can make more research on this business idea.

  1. Okada Business

Okada business is all about riding people (taking them to where they want to go with a bike). This business is really profitable if only you can remove shyness from your face.

An average Okada rider in Nigeria makes between ₦3,000 to ₦10,000 depending on how many hours and location he is working at. You can hire a bike for 2 weeks and pay ₦10,000. Monthly should be ₦20,000.

You see, If you earn ₦5,000 daily, multiply it by 30 days it would be = ₦150,000

Paying a monthly ₦20,000 shouldn’t be a problem to you if you make over ₦150,000 monthly’s. Note, most jobs in Nigeria won’t pay you that high amount as a consideration.

  1. Okrika Business

Okrika selling business is all about selling London used cloths to people. London used here means second hand dresses. This is a very lucrative ₦10,000 business idea you can start and make money within a very short period of time.

People are buying cloths from Cotonou and selling for over 200% here in Nigeria.

  1. Black Market/Petroleum Selling Business

Mini petrol selling popularly known as black market petrol selling is a very lucrative business anyone can start in Nigeria and start making money same day.

You can just visit a fuel station and buy, then come home/target location and begin selling.

  1. Photo Editing Business

Photo editing is different from graphic designing. Photo editing deals with live events while graphic deals with just any kind of photo like logo, flyers, banners among others.

Photo editing in Nigeria is a smart business that requires little to know much stress. All you need in getting started is a Laptop/desktop computer and some cool photo editing software.

  1. Photography Business

An average photographer in Nigeria earns between ₦10,000 to ₦50,000 weekly. Nigerians love photos a lot and you being a photographer can leverage their likes and fantasies to your interest.

All that is required to start this business is a camera and that is all. You can make research for how to become a successful photographer in Nigeria if this business idea interests you.

  1. Pop Corn Making and Distribution

Pop-corn selling business is yet another lucrative business anyone can start and make money within a short period of time. This business idea requires just a little capital to get started and nothing more.

Once you have a nice spot of selling, you can get started as a major distributor or even a retailer if you have less than ₦10,000 capital.

  1. Publish and Sell books Online

This is available for writers only. Many authors are not aware they can make money online selling their book on top platforms like Amazon, Okada books, Google books etc.

This business idea is a very lucrative one. You can contact us for Amazon Kindle Publishing course. You are assured to start making a lot of money even without writing skills.

  1. Pure water/bottle water business

Pure water selling business is another business you can start with a less than ₦10,000 capital. You are not suppose to start this business while running other businesses if you intend on succeeding soon.

All you need in getting started with pure water selling business is that you visit any pure water factory and register with them as a major vendor. They will be supplying in large scale to you while you sell to retailers.

This is a very lucrative offline money making idea to consider in Nigeria.

  1. Real Estate Agent Business

The future of offline business is real estate. It is no lie that it is one of the top paying business opportunity in the whole world right now aside tech. Real estate business is all about investing in real properties for instance buildings, land, bridges etc.

This business requires a very large capital to start but there are other ways you can make money with real estate by becoming an agent. Real estate agents in Nigeria make a lot of money without investing anything. We have a guide on our blog that will guide you on how to become a real estate agent and make money without investing anything.

  1. Remote Barbing Business

Remote barbers are moving from one spot to the other, maybe from home to home cutting people hair for a fee. This is a ₦10,000 business idea because you only need to buy a rechargeable clipper and powder which should cost you not more than ₦10,000.

  1. Resell PRL books

I personally know some people making a lot of money reselling PRL books and are making it huge. You can make research on this topic as I don’t have much resource to deliver here.

This is only a eye opener so as to see high paying income generating ideas you can start and make money.

  1. Review Books and Get paid

There are so many platforms that will pay you to read and review books published by authors. This is to help create awareness of these books and help people decide whether or not to buy these books.

You can make research on sites that pays you to review books online. This should be enough to help you generate little income without having to spend anything as investment.

  1. Review Softwares and get paid

Software review platforms like Capterra among others pay you to review popular applications and softwares directly on their platform. They pay as much as $10 for approved review and you don’t even need any money as capital for this business. Thereby, saving you ₦10,000 cost of startup.

  1. Run converting Ads on (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc)

Ad professionals in Nigeria makes a lot of money an you too can. All you need to get started in this money making business idea is, having the right skill.

  1. Shirt Printing Business

Shirt/cloth printing is a very lucrative business idea to consider that doesn’t requires more than ₦10,000 to start in Nigeria. All you need to buy are colored paints and carbon papers which will cost you below ₦5,000 for a start.

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Remember, it cost around ₦1,000 to ₦3,000 per shirt print in Nigeria and you can print over 20 shirts with ₦4.000 colored paint.

  1. Shoe Making Business

Some might see this as a dirty business opportunity but I tell you. There is nothing wrong with dirty money since it’s earned through legitimate means. A market trader can relate to this (they accept all money clean/dirty provided it’s not thorn out).

Shoe making business is Nigeria is very lucrative and a cool way of earning a living without having to spend much capital. All that is required is a skill and nothing more.

  1. Social Media Account Flipping

Social media account flipping is all about opening social media accounts, grow followers and exchange it for cash. With the right information, you can make a lot of money doing this business.

  1. Social Media influencer Business

Social influencers in Nigeria example TundeEdnut, Tacha and others make a lot of money through their accounts. You too can become an influencer to monetize your time spend on social media. Even as this idea is cool, it is wise to know that this idea takes time to manifest.

  1. Solar Panel Installation Service Business

You can start this lucrative business installing solar panels for Nigerians while making a lot of money doing just that.

  1. Start a Podcast Channel

Podcast channel business in Nigeria is a free one and most especially, this business is not saturated in the Nigeria market which tells you how this business can generate you passive income when it gets highly recognized in Nigeria

  1. Start Bet9ja

10k won’t be enough to start this business as an agent but it is more than enough to play 2odd. 2odd daily should earn you ₦140k. Though, this business is too risky and not legal in some countries so we don’t recommend it.

  1. Start Branding Service Business

Branding is no doubt a good business opportunity anyone can start and earn a living from both local and foreign clients. Branding is all about creating awareness for a business and nothing more. People pay high for such services.

You can make research on how to start branding business in Nigeria if this business idea interests you.

  1. Start CAC business Registration Service

CAC registration in Nigeria by agents is around 30-46k in worth. Many small businesses are now registering their businesses with CAC so as to create awareness of their brand nationwide as well as prove to the public they are trust worthy. This made this business idea a lucrative one.

You can start this business in Nigeria with a capital of less than ₦10k. You only need knowledge on how to go about doing CAC business registration for businesses and some top contact of people working in the agency to speed up your delivery rate. There are lots of online resources that will teach you how to start this business in Nigeria and make money.

  1. Start Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping business is all about offering solution to ecommerce business within a target location. In simple terms, it related to creating a shopping website linked with API of a parent site.

On your website, you can add the rates/price of a product and when anyone make order on your website, you sharply visit your parent site to make the purchase for them.

  1. Trade Crypto Currencies (BTC, ETH, SHIB)

Crypto trading is the future of earning money legitimately without having to step out from your home or place of comfort. You can even be on your bed throughout the day and make over ₦200,000/per or even more.

There are tons of crypto trading platforms you can begin your trading career on (including Binance, Coinbase, Bitkova, Probit, Kucoin, Trust Wallet etc). Just make your research but I will like you to understand crypto is a risky business.

  1. TV/Cable Installation Service Business

A lot of people in Nigeria are making money with cable installation for others without having to spend any much when it comes to startup capital so what is keeping you back? You can begin this service and make enough money before you even know it.

People pay high for cable installation services (including DSTV installation, GoTV, Startimes etc). You can learn this daily ₦10,000 business idea for less than ₦7,000.

  1. UI/UX design

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design in Nigeria is a very lucrative one available for constructive developers who are ready to earn passive income living in Nigeria. This business idea is all about creating astonishing frontend designs for web applications, software and/or sites.

An average UI/UX designer in Nigeria charges nothing less than ₦100,000 to ₦500,000 per project. We have some notable UI/UX designers in Nigeria like Michael Ajah (CEO Naija Tech Guy), Fast-Lagos boss among others

  1. Video Editing Business

Video editing is yet a very profitable business in Nigeria which you can start with a capital investment of less than ₦10k. All you need in starting this business is a good laptop and pro video editing softwares.

You can edit videos for events, weddings, ceremonies, movies, clips, comedy compilation any so much more. In fact, this is a $10,000 business idea If you ask me. This is because there is no way you will master this skill and can’t monetize it. There are over 20 monetization options to choose from.

  1. Washing Service Business

Washing service is another cool business anyone can start. Sure, it is not a high paying business idea but it will at least sustain for some times and it is better than doing nothing.

  1. Web design and development

Web design and development is a cool business idea in Nigeria today. People are making 6 figures worldwide offering same service so why can’t you? An average web designer/developer charges between ₦50,000 to ₦250,000 per project in Nigeria.

You can be part of this opportunity earner. You can enroll for our web design training course. There, you will learn web design to the core as well as knowing multiple channels of monetizing your web design skill. It’s all you need to make money in Nigeria 2022. You sure will be able to bank at least ₦50,000 or $100 monthly in Nigeria after taking the one on one course.

  1. Youtube Channel Business

YouTube channel business is a highly profitable business you probably don’t know about. So funny a lot of people see YouTube as a place to come watch funny videos not knowing people are making millions of Naira uploading those videos.

We also have a course on YouTube Channel. There, you will learn how to start a profitable YouTube business including (creating astonishing YouTube videos, showing you how to rank your videos on SERP with YouTube SEO and so much more). You will also get bonus video and sound editing tools when you subscribe to our course.

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