Top 10 Best Job Recruitment Websites in Nigeria 2023

Hey there, are you a job seeker or someone who is currently unemployed in Nigeria? Ohh! You are someone who is interested in knowing top recruitment websites in Nigeria before the need arises.

Whichever it is, I’ve got great news for you as all you need to know about recruiting sites in Nigeria will be detailed on this page.

Surely, after consuming information on this page, you will stop wondering about the web seeking for the latest;

  • Job recruitment sites in Nigeria?
  • How can I get a federal government job in Nigeria?
  • State government recruitment job sites
  • What are the recruitment websites in Nigeria that are legit?

And others; this is because we are confident on information on this page being worth your time and effort reading. All information you can ever ask for in regards to where you can get a quality job in Nigeria can be accessed just by going through this very article.

Make sure you read till end as this piece can either make or break you.

Our rankings on this page are based on quality contents these blogs publish, their consistency and as well our expert review. So let’s get started so as not to get you bored.

What are The Top10 Best Recruitment Websites in Nigeria

Information of top rated Nigerian sites where you can get latest on recruitment and job opportunities can be found below;

NPC Jobs (

NPC Jobs is a top Nigerian job website owned and managed by Naira Postal Code (a leading postal code directory platform in Nigeria). On NPC Jobs, you will find varieties of job opportunities for all who are interested or seeking for local or foreign jobs from Nigeria.

Foreign Job opportunities are been published on the website such as Canada Immigration Jobs, Jobs with visa sponsorships for foreigners and many others. We urge you to visit NPC jobs today.

Hot Nigerian Jobs (

The first on our today listing of top best job recruitment sites in Nigeria is Hot-Nigerian-Jobs. This digital company have been in the Nigerian space for a very long time.

Hot Nigerian Jobs is a digital company focused on publishing contents related to job recruitment offers in the four corners of the country Nigeria. We recommend this website to you if you want to get latest job offers in Nigeria.

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My Job Mag (

My Job Magazine is featured second on our listings on top job sites in Nigeria. My Job Mag is one of the dominant job listing site you can find on the internet today. The parent company was founded in 2011 in Nigeria before expanding to 3 other African countries making a total of 4 countries which include; Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

Having My Job Mag our second listing should tell you they are worth considered as top leading job recruitment site on the internet. Their websites are being updated with daily job recruitment offers from all over the country.

Their vision is to intelligently solve all career and human resource needs through their influence as one of the top ranking and dominant job recruitment site in Africa.

Jobber Man (

Jobber Man Nigeria made it to the third place on our listing of top Nigerian job recruitment sites you can find on the internet today. Jobber Man Nigeria Limited is a job listing digital company where you can get latest job and recruitment offer from all over Nigeria at your fingertips.

The job opportunities which can be found on this site is not limited to a particular niche or sector in the Nigerian market. Their job listing covers;

  • Oil recruitment jobs in Nigeria
  • HR and Management jobs in Nigeria
  • Sales and Advertisement jobs in Nigeria
  • Construction company job recruitment in Nigeria among others.

Just name them. You can get all types of latest recruitment offers directly on jobber man digital platform so why not you give them a try.

Job Zilla (

Job Zilla Nigeria is an online job search portal or a job listing platform if you ask me. They are a top notch when it comes to publishing daily job vacancies on their site including other latest job recruitment opportunities.

This job publishing company is one of the best you can find out there if you are really interested in securing a good job for yourself. On their site, they claim Integrity; simplicity and team spirit let them to where they are today.

Job Zilla’s mission is that they hope to become the number one site for job seekers and not just to job seekers; but also, to all who are seeking for all sort of opportunities in Nigeria.

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Recruitment Trust (

Recruitment Trust is a well-known international job sourcing and career Management Company. Since their establishment in March 2019, this firm has proven to be one of the top-most and best at what they are established for.

There are cool recruitment opportunities that can be found on this site and they make sure all is professionally done even though, it’s not as open as most of the mentions on this page.

We tag them one of the best recruitment platforms on the internet for those who need a better job.

NGR Jobs (

NGR Jobs (Nigeria Jobs) is yet another leading Nigerian website for getting latest job recruitment opportunities from. According to their “About Page” section, they claim to provide the ideal platform that enables employers publish job offers for qualified candidates to apply. From our findings, it is true.

Aside that, they also ensure to keep their site updated with latest job recruitment opportunities around Nigeria which surely is what encouraged us to rank them 6th place on our listing.

Recruitment Beam (

Recruitment Beam is a blog with difference. They are a leading job recruitment blog on the web today. On their site, you can find latest private, federal and state government recruitment opportunities waiting for you to consume by applying.

They made it to our list because we’ve settled down to look at how valuable their contents can be if used properly. Words alone can-not not describe but I believe it’s an all in one blog for getting recruitment opportunities delivered to your mobile phone. Though, their site is not usually updated with daily recruitment opportunities.

Hot Jobs NG (

Hot Jobs NG is a digital company known for publishing hot jobs opportunities in Nigeria for fresh graduates and also, skilled workers. They are indeed one of the best which is part that gingered us to have them on our listing on top best job opportunities website in Nigeria.

On HotJobsNG’s blog, you can find different job opportunities and recruitment opportunities in Nigeria waiting for you to start up the application sequence.

We recommend them as one of the best job recruitment websites in Nigeria.

Job List Nigeria (

On the 9th place we have Job List Nigeria. Job List Nigeria is a leading provider of recruitment resources for Nigerians, helping them to secure a high paying job for themselves while doing what they love.

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The platform is 96% assured to assist all job seekers with qualified certificates in Nigeria get a good job which will help in sustaining their lives or perhaps, living their live above average.

Job List Nigeria Limited is no doubt one of the best job recruitment portals in Nigeria I can recommend to any job seeker at current time even though we have Naira Side Job Recruitment Opportunities ( Job List Nigeria is still one of the best, check them out.

Who knows?

Maybe they can be a game changer for your career live

Jober Planet (

Jobber Planet is a job portal simplifying job finding process for Nigerians from the four corners of the country in any sector. This means that, the site is aimed at providing daily job opportunities for residence in Nigeria making it easier for Nigerian residents to find job offers near them and at peace.

On their blog, you can find daily updates of job opportunities available in all 36 states of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

According to details on the about page, their objectives is to “simplify your career success” and their vision is to become one of the greatest career blog in the world.

Other Notable Mentions


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