Top 10 Best Education Blogs in Nigeria 2023

Top 10 Education Blogs in Nigeria: Hey there, you are welcome to yet another top 10 listing on our blog. Surely, you might be wondering what are the top ranking education blogs in Nigeria you can visit as a student. Today we are here to break the good news as we come with the updated list of top educational blogs in Nigeria.

Surely, this should be all you need to know when it comes to the updated ranks of education websites in Nigeria.

Our ranking is based on traffic, quality content, user experience and most especially user feedbacks gathered from our sources.

After reading this article on our blog, you sure won’t be bothered in searching either of this search queries on Google again;

  • What are the top education websites in Nigeria?
  • Which Nigerian website can I get firsthand educational news and updates?
  • Which Nigerian website is the best in getting latest school news and education news?
  • How can I get my school latest news?

The idea that inspire us to have this content published on our side it that; we noticed a lot of Nigerian sites publishing false and crap content forgetting it might affect students negatively as their future depends on some of these published online materials. Our findings shows that most sites are not giving true accurate data to backup their claims as well as giving false or outdated dates of some school examination which might in turn make the student skip his exams if he doesn’t have other sources to depend on.

Our listing of ranking education sites in Nigeria can really help you in saving those troubles. Just make sure you go through information on this page cause it can either make or break you.

Understanding Educational Blogs in Nigeria

Education blogs in Nigeria are those sites whereby, contents related to school news, admission news, cut off mark update, JAMB examination updates etc are being published. The information on these sites are mostly consumed by SSCE certificate holders as there are heading to the next phase of live in the educational sector.

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So as not to get you bored with this piece, let’s check out what are the top education sites in Nigeria.

What are the Top 10 Best Education Blogs in Nigeria 2022

1. My School (

My School Gist is the top leading educational website in Nigeria and it made it to the first position on our listing of top best education sites in Nigeria. The site is a multi-author platform where you can get latest firsthand information about your school and/or external exams e.g JAMB, WAEC, IJMB etc.

We recommend this site as to student as the most trusted website on our listing.

2. My School Gist (

My School Gist is yet another leading education website in Nigeria where you can get the latest gist on all Universities, Polytechnics as well as colleges in Nigeria. This blog is one of the best which is why we have it on the second place on our listing of top sites in Nigeria for students.

3. School News Nigeria (

We have School News Nigeria on the 3rd place on our today listing. School News Nigeria is that educational blog offering value to Nigerian students and undergraduates in Nigeria.

You can find all info’s about your current school or even aspiring school as long as it is situated and operating in Nigeria.

We suggest you check them out in getting the most out of quality and interesting content about your school.

4. Current School News (

Current School News surely is not a new website in Nigeria and am certain you must have come across their content on most of your Nigerian related searches on Google. This is because this website those not only write about school news.

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You can find a very vast set of content categories when you open to their site. The are on of Nigerian quality content online publishing platform in recent times.

We suggest them for finding quality content of most educational topics in the Nigerian space.

5. Flash Learners (

The fifth on our list we have Flash Learners website. This is a Nigerian site which believe on satisfying searchers intent and we thought you should check them out.

It is one of the coolest Nigerian educational website platform you can find today on the web.

6. All School (

All School is an all in one spot for getting information about all Nigerian higher institutes of learning. We recommend them for students thinking of furthering their education. According to WhoIs record, this website was first registered on 18th of October 2016 with Okereke Devine as its owner.

7. Learn All Pro (

Learn All Pro is one leading blog in Nigeria you can trust when it comes to getting the most out of educational topics in Nigeria. The blog is centered not just by providing variety of topics but making sure the few published on the site are accurate and worth it.

The website was first launched in 2019 by Fashina and since then, it has grown to what there is today. This is surely is why it made it to the seventh position on our blog.

8. Nigerian Scholars (

From the title you should know what Nigerian Schorlars is all about. Nigerian Scholars website is centered in providing high quality topics surrounding educational topics of all schools in Nigeria including examinations.

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This is one top fashioned site for students if you should ask me which is why we have it on our top 10 list.

9. Past Questions Nigeria (

Quality site is not about writing about every topics rather; it is about centering yourself and giving value to a particular set of people which is why we have Past Questions Nigeria on our top 10 list/

Past Questions Nigeria is a niche based website in Nigeria providing you with previous past questions on academic and non academic examinations in the Nigerian space. We recommend this site for those considering to right examination soonest.

10. Is My School (

Is My School website made it to the 10th place on our listing of top best education blogs in Nigeria. This website is one of the best when it comes to covering topics relating to Nigerian educational system.

You can find details of all Nigerian higher institutions on that particular site. School cut off marks, utme portal and student login, admission requirements and many more waiting for you to just name them.


Glad you made it to the end section on our article which covers top ranking education blogs in Nigeria. We hope that what you are searching for is what you just consume on this page. From our listing of top raking school blogs in Nigeria, you will see that took the ranking and we recommend them as the best website for students in getting first hand school information in Nigerian institutions.

Should you have more inquiries to make, you can reach us via the comment section on our blog and we surely will attend to your comment. Don’t forget to share our content on all you social media handles.

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