10 Best Face Creams in Nigeria for Ladies & Their Prices

10 Best Face Creams in Nigeria for Ladies & Their Prices: On this page, you will discover a list of top 10 best face creams in Nigeria for ladies and their market prices.

Are you wondering what the best face beauty and protection creams in Nigeria 2022 would be? We are happy to welcome you to our blog as you are just on the right page where we will be talking about all you need to know in relation to creams that will help you get the best out of your face.

Research shows that the skin which covers our face is the most sensitive compared to other parts of our body. This is why, taking good and proper care of our face is essential in our day to day activities.

In fact, face beauty is one of the most important and special thing you can do to yourself as your face is your identity and anyone who looks at you is probably going to look at your face first.

We came up with this content idea when we learn from our sources that a lot of Nigerians (esp. ladies) are making searches related to;

  • What is the best skin/face care practice?
  • What is the best face creams for fair/dark skin? And the likes

So without wasting much time, let’s get started with the listings as seen fit by us on the top 10 best face creams for beauty skins in Nigeria.

10 Best Face Cream in Nigeria, their Compositions, Benefits and Prices

View below for the complete list of best face creams in Nigeria and their prices

1. Dove Beauty Cream

Dove Beauty Cream is one of the best face creams in Nigeria which is good for both fair and dark skin types in recent times.  This creams is a go getter when it comes to enriching your skin with all vital nutrient to keep it glowing and moisture at all time.

One benefit of Dove Beauty Face is that is keeps you confident throughout the day and most especially if you are in the public. Have you imagined how it will feel like having a dry skin in the hot sun? If you don’t want to experience this then Dove Beauty Face cream is meant just for you.

Price & Where to buy

The cost of Dove Beauty Face Cream varies as it is based on locations or store purchased. However, it can be purchased at a rate, ranging from ₦1500 to ₦2500 in any beauty shop across all regions in Nigeria.

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2. Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion

The second on our list of top facial beauty and skin care cream is Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion. Cerave is an old and one of the top recognized cosmetics and cream company in Africa.

Their facial cream helps in nourishing your skin as well as keeping it safe and smooth. Without any side-effect, Cerave facial moisturizing lotion tends to beat the market as one of the best in the Nigerian market today.

The cream comes in three different formulas which include; for dry, normal and oily skin type. This simply means that you are certain to find the one that will best suit you.

Price & Where to buy

Unlike dove facial beauty cream, Cerave is more expensive this is why we have it in the 2nd place even though it is way better than Dove products. This product can be purchased at a cost ranging from ₦5000 to ₦6500 in any cosmetic store in the country.

3. Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear Oil-free Moisturizer

In the third place we have Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil-free moisturizer. This is yet another top performing and highly recommended face cream product in Nigeria for all skin types.

It helps in keeping your face smooth and clean with a lasting period of 24 hours. Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil-free moisturizer contains grape-fruit fragrance and hydrates your skin without clogging for much clearer and radiant skin.

Price & Where to buy

The Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer can be purchased in any online store or beauty shop anywhere in Nigeria at the price of ₦4500 only.

4. Nivea Natural Fairness Cream

In the fourth place we have Nivea. They are a top supply of beauty product all over Africa and recognized as one of the best brand when it comes to quality skin care products. Nivea Natural Fairness Clarifiant Cream is no doubt a competitive product of Nivea Company too.

This product does not only help in keeping your skin smooth and moisturized. It also helps in toning your skin in a natural form. However, it does not bleach like most other creams in the market. Some key components of Nivea Natural Fairness Cream include;

  • Berry extracts provides a visible fairer, even-toned and radiant skin
  • Liquorice: Helps in brightening dark spot and discoloration on skin
  • UVA/UVB filters: Help to protect the skin against sun damage(s).
  • Glycerin and Vitamin E: provide intensive miniaturization for smooth skin

Price & Where to buy

Nivea is one of the cheapest yet quality oriented cream you will find anywhere in Nigeria. It can be purchased at an amount ranging from ₦1700 to ₦2000

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5. Palmers Skin Success Fade Milk

In getting the most out of your skin, that is fair and glowing skin; the first cream to go for is one which contains Hydroquinone. This is because it signifies safe and enrichment for skin without suffering from any side-effect.

Palmers skin success (fade milk) body lotion have lots of health benefits for your skin and also making you get the most out of your natural beauty skin. It helps in correcting discoloration on pigment-prone on any part of the skin e.g knuckles, elbow, face etc.

Other Key Benefits

  • Target dark spot and fix discoloration on all area of the body
  • Glowing and a moisturized skin
  • Get rid of stretch mark and wrinkles in all skin type

Price & Where to buy

This face product can be purchased anywhere in Nigeria at a cost raging from ₦1300 to ₦1700

6. Fair and White Gold revitalizing Body Lotion

Fair and White Gold Revitalizing body lotion is another choice of cream for you if you really want to have a glowing and radiant skin. The lotion can be applied directly on your face and other parts of the body evenly without any side-effect just like ones mentioned earlier.

The Fair and White Gold Revitalizing lotions does not only give your skin this glowing looks but also contains hydroquinone which helps in giving you a radiant skin without having to cause any visible or invisible damages to your skin.

Some key benefits of this cream is that;

  • It helps get rid of dark spot from the skin
  • Fair and glowing skin
  • Smooth and radiant skin

Price & Where to buy

This cream can be purchased anywhere in Nigeria at the price of ₦5000 to ₦6000 respectively depending on location and other factors.

7. Ultra White Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion

In the seventh place we have Ultra White Advance Skin Lightening Lotion. This is no doubt one of the face creams in Nigeria you can find in the market now which is why we placed in on this spot on our listing.

Ultra White Advanced skin lightening lotion is enriched with top vitamins and formulas needed to keep your face/skin attractive at all times. However, it contains bleach ingredients which gives you lighter skin complexion. This doesn’t mean you should desist from using it though.

It is a therapeutic lotion which helps in fighting

  • Ageing skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Acne and,
  • Dehydrated skin
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Price & Where to buy

Ultra White Advanced skin lightening lotion can be purchased in any recognized cosmetic store nationwide at the price of ₦1300

8. Fair and Brit – Extreme skin Radiance Brightening Lotion

Fair & Brit Radiant Brightening Lotion is yet another leading face and beauty cream that works like magic in Nigeria. It is placed in the eight places on our listings of the top 10 best face creams in Nigeria for ladies.

This cream brings out the real beauty of your skin as it reveals that hidden beauty you never though exist. It helps decorating your skin with natural fairness and smoothening at all times. It also contains some natural formulas to keep your skin hydrated and save from direct/indirect sun light damages.

Price & Where to buy

Fair and Brit (extreme skin radiance brightening) lotion can be purchased anywhere in Nigeria at the price of ₦3800 to ₦5600.

9. Clean and Clear Peptide Moisturizer

Clean and clear (dual action peptide moisturizer) made it to the 9th place on listing of top 10 Nigerian face creams in Nigeria for ladies. However, the usage is not just limited to ladies alone. Males too can use this cream to keep their skin/face moisturized and healthy.

This cream enriches your skin with tons of vitamins to keep it healthy, strong yet soft. However, the cream is best for people with dry normal skin only because of how actively moisturized it is. It also contains ingredients which help fight against dark spot and blemishes on the skin.

Price & Where to buy

This cream can be purchased in major cosmetic store or online stores in Nigeria at a price ranging from ₦1300 to ₦1700

10. Skineutical Face Cream

Last but not the least we have Skinceutical facial beauty cream as one of the best face creams in Nigeria for ladies. This cream is designed to help restore glowing and radiance in skin giving it a more attractive look.

It’s no doubt one of the most affordable yet qualitative in nature. Skinceutical facial beauty cream has no specification for skin type as it works perfectly for most sensitive skin either dark or light skin. It’s one of the therapeutic creams out their recommended by many fashion creators and we suggest you give it a try.

Price & Where to buy

This cream can be purchased both online or any nearby store for the price of ₦1300

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